SSCC #419–Powell

Kirk B. Chapman is facing a count of third-degree sexual assault, which alleges he used his position of authority as a police officer to get a Powell woman to submit to sexual contact last September. According to charging documents filed in the case, the woman alleges Chapman touched her genitals, rubbed his groin on her rear end and kissed her after stopping by her residence early one morning under the auspices of checking to make sure she was all right.

Have no fear though, the law enforcement office involved reacted as they all normally do.

In a Wednesday interview, Powell Police Chief Roy Eckerdt said that after the department was made aware of the allegations last year, Chapman was placed on administrative leave while investigations were pending. Eckerdt said Chapman did not return to duty before resigning in November. Eckerdt would not comment further — including on the findings of an internal investigation — saying it was a personnel matter confidential under state law.

Nothing says, son you did wrong, like giving them a paid vacation and letting them resign to save their career.

State Sponsored Criminal #419: Kirk B. Chapman

Because when you’re a cop and you see a woman you fancy, you can evidently do whatever the hell you want.  Just do your best to make sure you don’t get caught.

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