SSCC #428 – Harris County

There’s a bunch involved in this one and I am too lazy to go try to count them all up.

The firings include four civilian detention officers and take to six the number of employees who have been fired in the investigation that began in August 2011, Garcia said. Earlier this year, another deputy was indicted in the case, then fired.

The allegations involve sexual misconduct between jail staff and other employees as well as between jailers and inmates.

Of note for why I have put it in the count.

So far, former Harris County sheriff’s Deputy Tony Richards is the only jailer to face criminal charges in the sexual misconduct case.

At least the Sheriff is pouncing and acting instead of just dragging his feet. I applaud him for taking the imitative.

“The ugly truth is that the misconduct involved the failure to take action as supervisors, and sexual misconduct between employees—or with inmates,” said Sheriff Adrian Garcia.

As it was supervisors who also failed to act, this one goes in the count.

State Sponsored Criminal #428: Tony Richards and Company

Because when you’re a prison guard, you can do whatever you want right?  Your word is law after all!

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