SSCC #433 – Utah Highway Patrol

A supervisor warned in 2010 that Utah Highway Patrol Cpl. Lisa Steed, who is under investigation by her own agency, was frequently arresting people for driving under the influence of drugs who had no drugs in their systems.

The response of the Utah Highway Patrol, bury it so defense attorneys don’t find out.  This wasn’t just a minor screw up either, blood tests confirm the officer was lying.

In seven of those [20 reviewed] cases, toxicology tests showed the driver had only metabolite, Nixon wrote. Metabolite is the remnants of drugs or pharmaceuticals in the bloodstream, though not necessarily the illegal kind.

Four other drivers had no drugs in their system, according to Nixon’s memo, a copy of which was obtained by The Salt Lake Tribune.

The UHP continued to allow the officer to retain the same position and took no corrective action.  The memo and findings were also with held from defense attorneys   How heavily was it buried?

The memo is “extraordinary,” said Joseph Jardine, a Salt Lake City defense attorney who earlier this year successfully petitioned a judge to gain access to Steed’s discipline record. Jardine said the memo was not included in the records he viewed. The Salt Lake Tribune showed Jardine and Skordas the memo Tuesday.

When the light was finally shined on the mold, the UHP finally removed her from road duty and began an investigation which is obviously at this point almost 3 years over due.

It gets even better though because in 2007:

Utah Highway Patrol Officer Lisa Steed is the Utah Highway Patrol’s new Trooper of the Year. The Utah Department of Public Safety made the announcement after Steed made more than 200 DUI arrests this year.

Looks like we all know how she made that accomplishment now don’t we.

State Sponsored Criminal #433: Cpl. Lisa Steed

Because when you want to come in first, arrest anyone and every one you can as long as you can trump up an excuse.  Their lives don’t matter, only your career matters!

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  1. I don’t understand why a department would retain her.