The First Sign of Tyranny…

Is selective enforcement of the law.  I bring it up because I saw this today:

The Secret Service has expanded its operation to Twitter, urging Americans to report on their fellow citizens whose tweets “concern you.”

Now before it’s been pointed out that crowd sourcing on Twitter is full of issues.  But what is interesting is, as noted by David Hardy, someone created a nice page detailing at least 50 felonies committed on twitter by threatening a Presidential Candidate.  What kind of gems were contained in there, things like:

Romney make me wanna hop through the tv & just assasinate his ass .— 
Alyece Johnson (@alyy_joee) October 17, 2012

Among many more.  I bring this up because it seems that neither the secret service nor twitter actually seem to care.

More than a dozen Twitter accounts that were used as a medium to publically threaten Republican candidate Mitt Romney’s life after the second presidential debate remain active, nearly two weeks later. This news comes after the Secret Service told this publication that it was “aware” of these very threats on Romney’s life.

Now, I wonder how both Twitter and the Secret Service would react to someone making those statements about Obama.  I think we all know the answer considering the Secret Service has investigated things such as:

A Centreville man who hung an empty chair from a tree in his backyard with a sign reading “Nobama” attached to it denies that it was meant to represent any inference to lynching or had any racist connotations, though he did manage to “get on the radar” of the Secret Service.

Yet threats written in clear language are ignored because this presidential candidate is disliked by the left.

There’s a reason for that, violence and intimidation are the only languages the left knows.

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