Unpossible! They Tell Me It’s the Republicans That Steal!

You can’t make stuff like this up!

The woman named “Democrat of The Year” this year by the Jefferson County Democratic Party has been convicted of felony theft by a Jefferson County jury for stealing from a developmentally disabled 71-year-old woman.

In case you missed it, I’ll phrase it in fewer words.  The Democrat of the Year was caught stealing from a developmentally disabled woman.  Now maybe it’s just a corrupt individual and the party shouldn’t be held accountable for the actions of this woman…

Nearly as bothersome as the theft itself to Maxwell and other supporters of the victim, is the fact the Jefferson County Democratic Party was made aware of the ongoing criminal investigation and honored Carson anyway.

It’s like the democrat party likes, honors, and cherishes criminal behavior among it’s members.  Doubly nice is the fact that the media for the most part resists reporting on incidents such as this when their beloved run afoul and make the mistake of getting caught.

Good to see that the Democrats are becoming much more flippant about their corruption and their willingness to ignore it.

An Image I’ve Been Meaning To Do…

So I am by no means a Photoshop god, far from it as a matter of fact.   Someone sent me something recently and it was begging to get the full on treatment.  Well to get it out before the elections over, because honestly who would care after the fact, I just did it in a meme form.



I really wanted to recolorize the picture and put Biden in Joker makeup, but alas I don’t have the skills to get it done in minutes and I have other stuff I want to do.

Worthy of note however is the fact that this Administration has now killed more American Citizens willfully through malice, negligence, and being outright intentional than any administration before it.

What, you think I’m wrong?  Find me another administration who did something equivalent to the following three items:

We have a man who absolutely does not care about the health and well being of America or her citizens.  Even more than that he is willing to sacrifice them and then will attempt to use their deaths as political leverage.  These two villains need to go.

Even their own supporters admit that man of the policies pushed for by Obama are wrong and unconstitutional, but they become hypocrites when they find out it was their man who actually did it (ht to Weer’d).

Some how their sociopath won’t abuse his power for evil, and will help protect and defend American’s.  Except oh wait, he’s done the opposite again, but evidently we’re all imagining it.


So last weekend Joe came out and did a private party for Barb L. and her son.  This had been planned for at least a couple of weeks earlier and since it was October we figured we’d do a pumpkin shoot.

The last two we actually did after the elections for one reason or another that’s just how it worked out.  The upshot was that’s when pumpkins end up being dirt cheap since it’s after Halloween.  Well I swung by the store the Friday before and picked up over 300lbs of pumpkins. The trick is to buy pumpkins larger than their scales.

Now why would I discuss our plans about pumpkins… Well it seems that Joan Peterson (link safe), went into full PSH(link unsafe) over a video from Hickok45Joe promptly stated that he was in agreement with Joan because there’s a better way to carve pumpkins, you just use the gun as the detonator!  So without further ado, here’s a new commercial I did…

Some things are absolutely priceless.  While certainly sending Joan over the edge to spout quotes like:

So wouldn’t it be great if families got together in their neighborhoods and carved pumpkins with handguns?

Or even better, Evil Black Rifles™ like we used here.  But you know what’s even more priceless, something her and her ilk can never recreate.  Go back and look at the smile on that kids face at the end of the video.

Or this smile:


Or this one:


And that was despite being soaked to the bone and freezing cold.  But wait, there’s more!


Honestly I could keep on going with picture after picture and video after video of the grins Boomerite have created.  But since it’s Boomerite, that means a firearm has to be involved too!

We all know why Joan says these things, she’s a delusional Puritan who thinks the world revolves around her and her feelings.  I’m sure she would object to my method of celebrating the 4th of July as well.  (Not to mention this video has yet another grin and expression of happiness!).

The crux of Joan’s rant was that bullets go through stuff, evidently most bullets contain PFM that allows them to penetrate everything and keep going forever.  You see evidently, according to her, the bullets Hickok used after leaving the pumpkin were blood seekers and sought out his neighbors and killed them.  Evidently somehow the bullets can just go straight through the berm and then fly until they find a person.

Now she does use a couple of examples of people who violated the 4 rules and tries to use that as justification for disarming everyone.  First is this quote from Tam:

I don’t care if every other gun owner on the planet went out and murdered somebody last night. I didn’t. So piss off.

Second is that she’s in a world of denial, her side lost, and her only grasps for relevancy are when people break existing law and then she claims just one piece of paper would have stopped evil or stupid.  She’s wanting to prohibit exercise of this right by everyone for the actions of a few.

Honestly the thing I think she hates most about that video, is she knows there is no way for her side to compete with the joy that shooting pumpkins brings.  So I will bring that joy to someone new every chance I get.

*Now while I was actually going to spoof Mastercard to begin with, Joan’s PSH made finding a good punchline that much easier.

Conversation of the Day – 10/27/2012

Ry: Does anyone sell a "knife-wielding crazy" whistle?

Joe: You can find them at http://www.glock.com/.

Email Thread…

For context there was an incident near where Joe and Ry work yesterday.  To which Ry noted it’s a good thing weapons aren’t allowed at work.  Joe then chimed in that’s a good thing because then he might just “add to the violence”.

I have to admit, those whistles are quite effective.

Was It Good For You?

Now it is worth noting, there is a law of diminishing returns on the appearance and effect of explosives and their weight.  If you ever pay attention and just keep increasing the weight by the same amount it doesn’t actually increase by the same punch every time.

That said,  I would have loved to feel the thump in my chest from that one.  I’d ask Joe if we could recreate it, but I know the answer would be an emphatic “NO!”  Though that one had a pretty weak shock-wave.

Guess He Skipped a Day of Class…

Someone bumped me this across twitter and initially I thought it was SSCC material.  The more I thought about it though it’s really hard to tell.

A Salem police officer shot and killed a pit bull dog as it attacked him Saturday, and a man who jumped into the middle of the attack also was struck, receiving a non-life threatening gunshot wound to the foot.

Now it is worth noting, they were evidently in a house talking with residents.  It appears that this was their dog, it was not during the execution of a no-knock, however the officers were there searching for a wanted individual.

First let me note, don’t ever let the police into your house, even if you call them.  Second of all, keep your animals away from the officers.  It is difficult to tell if the officer was really being attacked.  I have to say if I was attacked by a dog I wouldn’t just try and push it away.  The dog is probably going to be injured from my kicking it and it will be followed shortly there after with a shot.

I don’t know of anyone who would just push a dog away when being “attacked”.  Maybe the dog was wanting attention, who knows?   But the owner then tried to intervene to protect the dog, obviously late to the party because he reacted as it went south.

My guess is the dog was hopping up and putting his paws on the officer, the officer drew his gun to shoot after pushing the dog away didn’t work, because you know that’s a serious threat right there.  You know, so serious it’s worth discharging your firearm with other people present.  When the owner saw the officer start to draw his gun he attempted to restrain the dog and the officer already having made the decision ended up shooting the dog as well as the owner.

The big issue here is how readily and quickly officers will descend to the use of lethal force, even against an animal when it’s most frequently unnecessary.  It’s getting to the point where even lawful uses of force could be seen as yet another example of puppycide since it’s become so common.

The answer is to have officers use their heads. The problem is they’re never held accountable for their decisions so there’s no incentive to think prior to acting.

The quickest way to look at this is the fact that had this been any average citizen and not and officer, the would be arrested and probably jailed for their reckless actions.  Bottom line is he wasn’t sure of his target and what’s beyond it, which in a dynamic scene like that is difficult.  Either way though it is yet another indicator of problems in the system.

Your Awesome Video For Friday…

That takes some serious skill.  Maintaining a drift in a car is pretty hard but doing it on a bike is down right insane.

SSCC #441 – Secret Service

A Secret Service officer assigned to Vice President Joe Biden’s residence was arrested Monday for allegedly sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl in his custody.

The response by the Secret Service?

“We are aware of the arrest of this employee. He has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of judicial action. Any other questions should be referred to the Prince William County police.”

Because you know, since he’s paid by the tax payers nothing really changes.  He’s paid to sit on his ass and do nothing right?  At least in this case law enforcement appears to have moved forward quickly.

State Sponsored Criminal #441: Hector Cuellar

Because when you protect the Vice President, some how that makes the most atrocious crimes OK!?