The Day Has Finally Arrived


Liquor was the only way I could cause my rage to dull enough to actually finish filling the bastard out.  Currently the spread in Washington is so large on the federal level there was no point in me even voting for Romney.  Someone told me it was a wasted vote for Johnson, and for a while Bill Whittle almost had me.  Except I remember it matters on the state level and the electoral college.  What is interesting though is since I was free to vote my conscience as I don’t live in a battle ground state it was anything but wasted.  For those who really aren’t aware of what the margin of cheat is here in Washington State, there’s a reason I regularly joke, “Re-elect Dino Rossi”.


Could we make 5%, maybe, who knows, but a lot of people are voting against Obama more than they’re really voting for Romney.  The people do want change, they want to ditch the current two parties.

Other interesting things about the better half’s ballot as well as my own.  Since Washington State allows write in choices I made sure to exercise it where applicable.  For instance the incumbent for my congressional rep, who I actually prefer over her opponent, voted to renew the patriot act.  Well I sure wasn’t going to vote for her opponent because there’s no doubt he would have done the same, so instead we voted for her opponent in the primary.

Next there were some Judges, one of whom we really didn’t like because of a ruling from 2004 which is equivalent to holding a gun manufacturer liable for what someone does with their product.  We voted for Henry Bowman instead for that particular judge. If you don’t get the reference, I suggest you do a bit of reading, you can find it for free in some places digitally.  Dagney Taggart was the write in for the second judge.

My personal favorite was a particular judge who I had the “pleasure” of being a defendant in his court room was also up for reelection, unopposed I might add, so instead we voted for Ellis Wyatt.

So yes, some may give me crap and say I wasted my vote.  To those who would say I did that, prove it.  Prove that some how my vote would have closed a 10% gap in the state of Washington and some how defeated the margin of cheat.

No instead I came out wit ha clean conscience and was able voice my dissent through the electoral process where necessary.  Overall it’s no ones business how we voted, but here’s the thing.  I’m not ashamed of how I voted because I stood up for what I believed in.

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TMM is the owner, editor, and principal author at The Minuteman, a competitive shooter, and staff member for Boomershoot. Even in his free time he’s merging his love and knowledge of computers and technology with his love of firearms. Many know his private name and information however due to the current political climate, many are distancing themselves due to the abandonment of Due Process.

4 Responses to The Day Has Finally Arrived

  1. Wolfman says:

    Its telling, I think, that we can be pragmatic like this. I think it rather speaks well for the electoral college system. For all of us in non-swing states, we can vote our conscience or our opposition, and not undermine those in swing states, that have the high pressure votes. We are behind enemy lines, so rather than head for the front, we can work on some long term strategic goals.

  2. Linoge says:

    If my vote gets us closer to breaking the false dichotomy forced on us by the two-party system, it is nowhere even near wasted. Hell, my small amount of activism over in my little corner of the cortex actually encouraged someone else to vote Johnson as well – that, I consider to be a win.

    • Barron says:

      I had a few coworkers today who’s comments were, “If I knew Romney was going to get trounced so bad I would have voted Johnson.” Well I feel a clear conscience for doing so.

      If I was in a battle ground state my choice would have been a little bit tougher, but honestly no matter who won the outcome was going to be the same.

      The GOP if they want my vote needs to field a decent candidate, not this lite version of the same evil we already have.

      • Wolfman says:

        I keep seeing it bandied about that we ‘cost’ the race. Well, we made 1%. I dont think that broke any deadlocks. Maybe if they stopped and thought about what all the recent shakeups have been about, theyd pick someone to bring our votes in.