So you want an AR…

This isn’t as much a how-to buying guide but merely a disclaimer that right now is not the time to buy.

The most annoying thing about the post election panic is that it throws a wrench at planned purchases.  I was planning on buying more blasting ammo for Boomershoot, well when ammo started disappearing from shelves, that changed the time frame.  I did an inventory last night and confirmed, yes I needed more steel cased ammo. Since the new replacement ammo is lacquer coated steal rounds I picked up some P-Mags with it and had a nice long discussion with the owner since he’s also my neighbor.  Seriously, he lives 2 houses down from me on the opposite side of the road.

While chatting phones ring and emails come in.  The result of the calls and emails is that  I’m promptly helping them retag every AR in the place.  Now they weren’t gouging nearly as bad as they could, or probably even should.  But every rifle went up by at least an extra 100 bucks.  Now here’s why.  There is no replacement supply anywhere on the horizon, their friends were reporting they were sold out and couldn’t get replacement stock.  Their suppliers were sold out and back ordered for the foreseeable future.  Even manufactures are listing as back-ordered.  Given the sudden demand increase and a fixed supply, prices are going up.

So my advice is if you’re wanting an AR, now is probably not the best time to buy.  Prices will probably drop back now in 6 months and deliveries will move back to normal.

The same goes for ammo.  If you can survive on your current stock, do so.  Come spring thaw it will be back to normal rates and you’ll also have people trying to unload excess stock they didn’t need.  Right now a bunch of people are panicking and buying, but honestly if you wanted one for preparatory purposes, you should have done this a while ago.

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About TMM

TMM is the owner, editor, and principal author at The Minuteman, a competitive shooter, and staff member for Boomershoot. Even in his free time he’s merging his love and knowledge of computers and technology with his love of firearms. Many know his private name and information however due to the current political climate, many are distancing themselves due to the abandonment of Due Process.

5 Responses to So you want an AR…

  1. AGirl says:

    Exactly why I bought mine before the election. I had been putting it off due to budget etc, but the thought of higher prices or worse, no supply, convinced me to bite the bullet. Although, TSM needs his own.

  2. daddybear71 says:

    I bought all the parts for my lower and a bag full of PMags before the election. I even got about half of my upper. But a convergence of my budget and the timing of the election means that the other half are going to have to wait until supply and price start approaching sane again.

    I got lucky and got a complete upper that wasn’t absolutely ridiculous in cost, so at least I’ll be able to shoot the darn thing before Easter.

  3. Old NFO says:

    Sad but true… dammit…

  4. David W. says:

    I don’t know if you can answer this, but this is my question. After Heller and Mcdonald, can there be another assault weapons ban? I mean ARs, FN FALS, SKSs, AKs, AUGs and other black rifles are basically everywhere these days. I mean Handguns aren’t allowed to be illegal due to the fact that they are common guns, then wouldn’t other common guns such as so called assault weapons be common enough to never get declared illegal?

    Truthfully I’m more worried about my muzzleloaders being declared illegal due to the fact it requires an “explosive” to work. Stuff along the lines of “should Americans be allowed to walk into a store and come out with pounds of explosives?” or something like that. I mean its only an explosive if its under pressure, otherwise it just flames a lot and releases some smoke. But when you watch movies that show a simple powder keg exploding with enough force to sink a ship. All that would happen would be if the keg is air tight the seam would split and there would be a lot of fire and smoke. The same could be said about probably tons of modern chemicals.

    Also the last graphic I saw showing gun sales showed Handguns at the top, Modern Sporting Rifles second, and then shotguns and rifles close together, then muzzleloaders… It would be depressing to not be allowed hear and smell that big boom and puff of smoke ever again.

    • Barron says:

      As the regulations and laws in California haven’t been overturned they could still easily implement a law. The key is it takes years to declare it unlawful. In the mean time they’ve confiscated them and they’re no longer in common use. Remember you’re dealing with people who for the most part do not want civilians having them anyway.

      Not to mention the fact if they got another case after we lost a justice they could easily overturn Heller or McDonald.

      As for Muzzle loaders, I don’t see any of that changing, ever. Even the ATF has stated they are not a firearm. While black-powder is considered an explosive in the grand scheme it’s small potatoes. Not to mention the fact that everyone would see a run at black-powder firearms as a run at disarming the population. There’s no other reason for it.

      Most people don’t realize how easy it is to make something explode and unless they plan on banning people from eating and cooking, it’s a fact of life. Seriously, I can do some serious damage with flour, air, and a match. The PSH currently in Indiana over Tannerite is probably what you’re going to see a lot of. The problem is they create laws to criminalize having the components without regard to the fact that many other products have those same chemicals. Think the well you have everything to make a suppressor because you have stuff to repair plumbing in your house.

      No, a new AWB is the biggest fear, because if it does pass, and pass without grandfathering, it will be a long legal fight before it’s overturned, by then the damage will be done.