You want to see why the power is still out in parts of NY?

Just look at this picture.

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What did that man do to get assaulted?

Applewhite said he had just finished working a 13-hour day and was going to get dinner with the rest of his crew when he stepped out of his utility truck and was attacked by a resident.

Honestly if I was with any utility crew that was in the area to help restore power I’d pack up and leave.  They were up all the way from Florida to help.  Even if I lived in the area and worked locally, I’d pack up and move.  When you attack the people trying to help you, you don’t deserve help.  You deserve to suffer and be stuck solving the problem on your own.

He left his family to go help and work long hours in the process.  His reward for that was a broken jaw and multiple fractures.

Can someone please explain to me how this was some how supposed to aid in the restoration of power?  Does a black eye and broken jaw help a lineman do his job safely?  Does it some how give him magical powers to see what needs to be done to the line to bring it back into service?

What I do absolutely love though is that idiot Mayor absolutely doesn’t care because it didn’t involve the use of a firearm.  Heaven forbid he actually bring in the National Guard to help maintain order and provide a safe working environment for utility crews.  Nope, only his anointed class can carry firearms in the city.  In the mean time utility workers are being assaulted for trying to get the lights back on.

Personally, I say leave them in the dark and let them rot if that’s how they’re going to behave.  Things aren’t magically fixed overnight no matter how bad you want them to be.  Evidently massive damage can be magically undone with a snap of the fingers.  Up to and including transformer replacement, line replacement, pole replacement, substation replacement, protective relay replacement, and line communication replacement.  Will the individual who discovered this ability to fix things at the snap of their fingers please start a company to provide services, they could certainly be used in a time like this.

As for dealing with this problem, at minimum leave the lights off till that man’s buddies turn him in.  You know he went and bragged to someone about beating up a utility crew to “show them they mean business.”  Well just leave the lights off until the car and owner is found.

Seriously, incidents like this piss me right the hell off and I am being quite honest about letting them fix this crap themselves if that’s how they’re going to behave.  You think a couple of weeks are bad, try a couple of years when no one helps next time.

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6 Responses to You want to see why the power is still out in parts of NY?

  1. What the hell!

    These kinds of things are why I don’t help anyone that I don’t know anymore. I don’t give to the Red Cross or even a local food bank. I will give money to a specific family, person or business, but I won’t drive and help someone in another state etc. Except the military. I do give to Wounded Warriors, but I still prefer to do it local.

  2. Æmon says:

    The people that hurt him should get shot, not to kill, but just to learn a serious lesson. You DO NOT FUCK with the people helping you live. Idiots!!

  3. Rosepher says:

    Well, what the hell? WHY did he beat him up? There’s too much missing form this story. Was it one, random individual? Was it a union thug angry at a non union worker doing the work? Was the victim in the union? Is he a local or did he drive cross-country to help out? Fill us in. Not enough information to form a real opinion other than this guy doesn’t appear to have deserved to be beaten up, but who, why, & where are missing.

    • Barron says:

      If you read the story. Utility crew got off work and was stopping for dinner and this individual approached and assaulted one of the workers. As they were in a utility truck it was easily seen who the victims were.

      As I said in the post, he drove from Florida to help out so yes he we traveled from out of the area.

      Since other workers at the utility were able to back up the statement of what happened, I would be willing to state this is someone who was pissed his power wasn’t back on and went looking for someone to blame. Who better than the utility crew who finally ended a 13 hour day and was eating dinner.

  4. BobG says:

    Sounds like some asshole just being true to his nature.

    I say quit working on the power in that area until the douchebag either turns himself in, or someone else does it for him.

  5. Lyle says:

    It sounds like a miniature version of an austerity riot, no? Don’t have what you want at someone else’s expense? Throw a tantrum until someone provides it for you. That’s the New American Culture.