Can We Please Bring on the Apocalypse Already?

I’ll let Tallahassee Explain.

Well life is now imitating art and soon that box of Twinkies on the shelf may very well be the last box of Twinkies.

Hostess Brands, the bankrupt maker of cream-filled pastries like Twinkies and Ho Hos, said on Friday that it planned to wind down its operations. The decision comes a week after one of the company’s biggest unions went on strike to protest a labor contract.

The unions were protesting a cut in pay which occurred because of increased operating costs.  I do find it funny that in this wonderful market, where I know many people who have taken pay cuts instead of raises, these people decided they were going to go on strike. Tell me geniuses, how is no income better than some income?  Have no fear though because I’m sure they will all be collecting unemployment from the government.  That means you and I get to pay them for their stupidity.

Doubly so since the company warned the union that they were going to have to liquidate and shutdown if they didn’t return to work.  Well, the union called the bluff with one minor mistake, the company wasn’t bluffing.

The last thing I need is freaking Twinkies but man they take me back to my childhood.  Thank’s for ruining a direct link back idiots.

Welcome to the demise folks.  This is what happens as government regulation gets to the point where businesses can no longer thrive or be profitable.  Things crash and augur into the ground.  Get ready folks because this is going to get worse, a lot worse.  Especially when you consider the number of people dependent on the government, when the hand outs stop, they’ll just attempt to take their handouts from others.

Atlas is starting to shrug and it seems a lot of people don’t even realize it.

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8 Responses to Can We Please Bring on the Apocalypse Already?

  1. Old NFO says:

    Yep,,, Coming… sigh

    • Barron says:

      When I can no longer find a box of Twinkies… someone’s gonna have to pay.

      • Old NFO says:

        I had to go by the store to pick up some meds, went by the display, ALL the Twinkies were gone, actually the only ones left were two boxes of powdered donuts!

        • Barron says:

          It makes me chuckle because honestly they’ll still be around, if nothing else it will be sold during liquidation to Little Debbie or someone else. It’s too well known and too profitable to just let die.

  2. Lyle says:

    “That means you and I get to pay them for their stupidity.

    Except that we are the stupid ones. They are the clever revolutionaries, you understand, and with Obama’s extended unemployment and other “safety nets”, they can do more and more of this sort of thing.

    Have we not all grasped the meaning of “Top down, Bottom up, Inside out” and “overload the system, collapsing it into a new system”? This game has been played since before most of you were born, so you had best figure it out.

  3. UTLaw says:

    Re: us paying for their unemployment.

    I actually saw one of the articles on this closure that quoted one of the union members who said that the pay cut would reduce their pay to below the level of unemployment compensation, so they had happily made the choice to destroy their employer.

    Sign of the times

    • Barron says:

      I saw a bunch of people last night trying to claim that the unions shared no responsibility for Hostess going under. Comforting is it not?

  4. HSR47 says:

    From what I have seen/read/heard, hostess’s problems were largely due to their contract with the union that handles their transportation; generally things like work rules and needing to send their products to retail on multiple trucks (one for wonder bread, one for hostess).

    The union that refused pay cuts was the baker union, who basically took the position that they ran a tight ship, and that they wouldn’t sacrifice to let the transportation union continue to screw everyone.