SSCC #461 – Selma

According to a 911 call, Abbott handcuffed the nurse when she refused to draw blood because Abbott didn’t have a court order.

“Officer Travis Abbott came and just arrested and made a huge scene with our house administrators,” a nurse told the 911 dispatch supervisor in the call. “He just handcuffed her – he could care less about anything – in front of the middle of our ER. And this whole ER is in complete chaos, and frankly, somebody needs to come here and handle it.”

That’s right folks.  This woman was handcuffed because he dared to question his authority. Not only that, he removed a critical care worker from an ER.  I would like to point out to Officer Travis, if the day ever comes you need emergency care, they will all remember you.  The lucky thing is, most people will just do the right thing.  Some however could remember it, and might just be willing to say “Take him someplace else.”  I wouldn’t fault them for that.

What is very interesting though:

They did confirm that the DWI suspect was later taken to the county magistrate, who released him because there was no probable cause.

If I ever meet that nurse, dinner is on me.  It’s also worthy of note that when other deputies arrived she was released and there are no noted charges pending against her.  I think what happened is best described by South Park:

State Sponsored Criminal #461: Officer Travis Abbott

Because how dare the proles question a officers legal authority, just do as your told or we’ll toss you in cuffs or tase you*.

Via Sean.

*Yes, I know he needs to go on the list, h/t to Uncle on it.

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