Sometimes You’re Lucky

So I got a new toy over the weekend.  This one is specifically going to be geared for competition.



That is a shiny new XDm 5.25 in .40 S&W.   The reason it is bi-tone and in 40 is quite simple, “Because Race Gun”.

Now I have the title of this the way I do for a very good reason.  Especially for other USPSA shooters who may get a new toy.  I got to the range and showed it to a couple other shooters while still in the case before setup began.  In other words I showed it as pictured above.  Neither I nor the CRO I was talking to really thought anything about it at the time.  It was in it’s case, no one was actually handling it, all should be well.

Evidently not.  I got an email from the other RO after he was thinking about it last night and got a forwarded message from an NROI instructor on the topic.

The key is “was the trigger available”?  The answer for most cases is “yes” therefore DQ unless done at a safety table.

Currently I’m a bit lost because there is no rule in the rule book that would cover this that I can see.  The closest is 10.5.1 and 5.2.1, except the gun never left the case, it was just opened.  However according to NROI instructor if the trigger is visible you’re off to Dairy Queen.  I’m going to send an email off to get clarification on this one.  That said, be advised and be safe.  If you have an XDm and you leave it in the stock case to take to a match, don’t open it except at the safety table.  It could bite you.

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TMM is the owner, editor, and principal author at The Minuteman, a competitive shooter, and staff member for Boomershoot. Even in his free time he’s merging his love and knowledge of computers and technology with his love of firearms. Many know his private name and information however due to the current political climate, many are distancing themselves due to the abandonment of Due Process.

8 Responses to Sometimes You’re Lucky

  1. So who’s doing your trigger and other mods? I assume you’re going for Limited, right? My trigger was done by Springer Precision in Oregon and I can’t recommend him enough.

    • Barron says:

      Local gunsmith who’s a USPSA A Class shooter.

      Most definitely limited, my other option would be production but that would still be a 10 round limit and I might as well have bought a 9 since minor is mandatory. I might eventually build a 9mm open gun but that is a long way off.

      I’m going to continue breaking it in and swap in a flared mag well at some point. First I need to figure out which grip back is most comfortable for my monkey paws.

      Thanks for the heads up though.

  2. Tammy says:

    Congrats on the new toy! My current defense/IDPA gun is an XD Service 4″ and I’ve been very happy with it.

    I looked at the USPSA rulebook (I haven’t yet shot a USPSA match, but I’ve been studying up, and I bring a trained paralegal’s eye to rulebooks *grin*) and although I think your view of the rules is more in keeping with the language of the rulebook, I could see how a RSO could take the position that opening the case is part and parcel of “handling a firearm” and therefore covered by 10.5.1. I think it’s a silly interpretation of the rule, but the language of Rule 10.5 (“Examples of unsafe gun handling include, but are not limited to:”) gives an over-cautious RSO some latitude there.

    • Barron says:

      Handling is actually defined and this doesn’t qualify. I’m waiting to hear back after I went into legal mode on the rule book.

      If this happened at an area or national match I would arb this and win.

  3. Bill says:

    By definition, it is not “handling a firearm” to open a case. By definition, one must lay a hand on the firearm for it to be “handling”.

    I’ve seen RSO’s who would intrepret it the way this one apparently did, and I recognize that it is a gray area, but that is really stretching that rule to the breaking point. Being an RSO is tough enough and I appreciate all who do the job, but adding difficulty to your job by adding a very iffy intrepretation seems to be unreasonably reaching.

    That said, nice weapon! Does it actually come with 3 mags?

    • Oops, sorry for missing your comment. Yes it comes with 3 mags.

      Everything in the box above is “as is”. If you walk into a store and buy an XDm new you should walk out with everything above.

  4. Old NFO says:

    Nice one, and you got screwed by the RSO…

    • Barron says:

      Actually I didn’t get screwed. Neither of us thought anything about it. Later he bumped an email as a question to someone that would probably know.

      Evidently there are some RSOs who would DQ on 10.5.1. The problem is Handling is defined in the rulebook. I’ll do a post on the whole exchange when I get a follow up.