SSCC #471-#473: Barren County

Sheriff Eaton and two deputies are also accused of using excessive force during an arrest in 2010, then falsifying documents and lying to the FBI about it.

Details are thin and sketchy.  Seriously that’s 1/5 of the article I found initially.  More information found elsewhere lends serious credibility to these allegations.  A fourth LEO involved in the investigation took a plea deal.  Of note though is the following count levied against Eaton:

According to count 12 in the newest indictment, Eaton allegedly assaulted Stinnett “by striking him in the area of his groin,” thereby depriving him of his right to be free from the use of unreasonable force by one acting under the color of law.

Again it comes back around to knowing how to control your monster.  The sheriff in this case seems to be the most egregious violator in this particular case.

State Sponsored Criminal #471: Sheriff Chris Eaton
#472: Aaron Bennett
#473: Eric Guffey

Because while the common citizen is expected to restrain himself to just the force necessary to protect life and property, law enforcement has no such need for self control.

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