SSCC #494 – Whitaker

A suspended Whitaker police officer will stand trial in January on charges that he used his gun to break a driver’s window during a traffic stop and threatened charges unless she paid to fix his damaged gun.

William S. Davis, 35, is charged with official oppression, making a false statement, criminal mischief and a criminal attempt related to a threat in connection with a June 27 traffic stop.

This one makes the count for the following line:

Whitaker police Chief John Vargo, who testified in Officer Davis’ defense, said he consulted with Officer Davis by phone that day in June and told him it would not be illegal to make that deal but that the decision was up to him.

Uh, that’s not how it works sparky.  What we have is an officer with an obvious temper problem and an abuse of power problem and you just wrote him a ticket to intimidate and harass people unlawfully.  She was smart contacting an attorney because that behavior is unacceptable.

Go read the story, is the classic list of excuses, such as:

Officer Davis also told authorities he had been looking for a sedan involved in drug activity that resembled her vehicle.

The victim in this case drove way because she was fearful since the officer was NOT in uniform and driving an unmarked car.  Pro-tip for idiot cops, next time call a black and white to make the stop.  Most reasonable people wouldn’t trust that situation.  Pro-tip for the victim, promptly call your local dispatch and inform them that a vehicle is attempting to pull you over and the officer doesn’t appear to be in uniform.  This helps your credibility.  If you have no phone, drive to the closest police station.

State Sponsored Criminal #494: William S. Davis

Because when you get pissed off because someone rolls down the window, you vandalize their car with a deadly weapon and charge them for the damage you did to the weapon.

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2 Responses to SSCC #494 – Whitaker

  1. Dwight Brown says:

    If I may be so bold as to add another protip:

    Don’t break people’s windows with your gun.

    First of all, it may damage the gun, as we’ve seen in this case. And then the gun may not go “bang!” when you need it to go “bang!”

    Secondly, the gun may go “bang!” when you don’t intend for it to. Like when you’re breaking the window. And that bullet is going to go somewhere. There was a case in a suburb of Houston where an officer tried to break out a car window with a gun; the gun discharged and killed the driver of the vehicle.

    • Barron says:

      It’s certainly a pro-tip though I would think it would be covered by common sense. Especially since you will sacrifice muzzle control to break the window.