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If you know someone sitting this one out because they think the anti-gun groups don’t matter, slap them silly. We’re not facing the anti-gun groups, we’re facing the White House and the whole Obama coalition, and if you think that doesn’t matter, just ask Mitt Romney whether he agrees with you.

SebastianWhy This is Serious

January 10th, 2013

[Like Sebastian I’m nervous.  I keep hearing from more and more people who they’re “voting with their wallet” to indicate their opinion.  Well that’s all well and good but it doesn’t really help where the real fight is.  Currently I’m working on creating a kiosk for the local gun shop so people can contact their representatives right there.

Form letters should be avoided I know, and I will help anyone who asks write a letter.  I have been meaning to post my letter but keep forgetting.  I will however post a copy of TMW’s because honestly it was much better and probably considerably more effective, it’s also what I have a copy of handy.

Honorable xxxxxxxx,

The tragedy at Sandy Hook elementary school has sparked new proposed legislation regarding firearms.  Currently many throughout the country are riding on emotion and crying for something, anything, to be done.  Even if ultimately what is done would have no bearing on what happened.

The actions of that lone monster belong to him and him alone.  His actions should not affect the law-abiding gun owners in this country.  The calls for “gun control”, a new “assault weapons ban”, and “magazine ban” stem from an emotional reaction to the tragedy.  The emotional response is placing blame on the law abiding instead of the deranged individual who is actually responsible.

If any new gun control is passed, it will not only affect the able-bodied law-abiding gun owners, but the disabled as well.  As a disabled woman, it is very discriminating to me and others like me.  A new assault weapons ban, as well as a magazine ban, will risk my life as I will have no other effective means to defend myself.

The AR-15 is by far the easiest and most comfortable rifle for me to shoot and operate with my disability which limits function of my dominate hand.  Many of the features being attacked are what make that rifle functional for myself and others who are disabled like me.  Having an adjustable stock merely allows the rifle to properly fit the user.  A pistol grip allows my disabled hand to form a more natural angle and operate the rifle.  The rail system allows me to attach things to aid in supporting the rifle with my functional arm.

Yet legislation being brought to the floor wants to strip me of a tool that allows me to level the playing field with men stronger and fully able-bodied; a tool that actually allows me to enjoy hunting with my husband since I can properly use and employ it.  Currently due to a work related injury to my other hand the AR-15 is the only firearm I can operate safely.

Further my defensive pistol, which is much less comfortable to operate, would be rendered much less useful as well.  Magazine restrictions stand to require me to have to reload and work considerably harder to keep the weapon in the fight.  Instead of focusing on stopping the threat I will have to focus more on worrying about running out of ammo.  This magazine restriction will not stop an able-bodied attacker, it will not even slow them down, it will however slow me down.

Why must I be disarmed and rendered less able because of the actions of a lone mad man?  Why are technological advances that benefit women and the disabled being thrown under the bus?  Why do you support the disenfranchisement of disabled women?

I implore you, respect and defend the rights of gun owners and in so doing respect and defend the rights of disabled women to have a choice in what their most effective means of self-defense is.

Thank you,


Now this was a targeted letter sent to the two Senators, both of whom support gun control.  We sent this over a week ago, we still haven’t gotten a response from either Senator.  There was a modified version that was sent to the more gun friendly representatives.

I will say I was quite pleased with one of my state representatives.  He actually sent a reply the Saturday after we sent it.  The good news on that one is he’s evidently been hearing from all over his district to head off new gun control.

On that same front, I will say I do have some good news for Sebastian if he’s reading this.  There are many people I know of who also were just consistently on the bench who are now moving to become active in the political fight.  Hopefully we can keep the momentum and keep growing.

If you haven’t contacted your representatives yet, do so now.  -TMM]

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TMM is the owner, editor, and principal author at The Minuteman, a competitive shooter, and staff member for Boomershoot. Even in his free time he’s merging his love and knowledge of computers and technology with his love of firearms. Many know his private name and information however due to the current political climate, many are distancing themselves due to the abandonment of Due Process.

7 Responses to Quote of the Day – Sebastian (1/10/2013)

  1. daddybear71 says:

    I’m urging everyone I meet to write their people in Congress. I’m hoping some of them actually get to it.

    • Barron says:

      I usually sit there shocked when someone says, “I went to the gun show and bought an AR, that’s my statement.”

      Seriously!? How does that tell your representatives anything? It just shocks the hell out of me. I’ve ended up chatting with the guys in the gun store and usually I will mention to anyone who asks to write their reps. If they don’t know what to write, email me and I’ll help them draft a letter.

      Seriously this is going to be won by fighting, not by sitting back and buying a rifle.

  2. Jake says:

    I wrote my reps early. Of the 3 CongressCritters I emailed, I got one response, and that was a brush-off letter that essentially said “I’m not going to talk about this right now.” Now I’m waiting on Feinstein and/or Biden to drop their bombshells so I have something specific to argue against.

  3. MD says:

    I have responses from both of them… they don’t care, they’re going to tow the party line.

    • Barron says:

      I’m going to write up another post tonight. Janelle got a response back from one of them recently. I think I’m going to start pursuing an alternative option.

      • MD says:

        I’m trying to get my response from Cantwell, I posted it in a forum and apparently that forum is down…

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