SSCC #498–DC

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The Metropolitan Police Department officer accused of sexually abusing a young girl in the youth choir he directed would send the rest of the group to the store and order his victim to stay behind, according to court documents.

During rehearsals, the court documents say, Palmer would tell the girl to stay with him in the pastor’s office while the rest of the choir members went to a store.

Of note:

Palmer, who joined the police force in 1990, got into trouble in 2004 after a woman flagged him down while on patrol to tell him about a domestic dispute. City records show that Palmer allowed her into his marked cruiser, took her to a restaurant and brought her back to her apartment.

The woman’s husband and aunt came home and found them, according to the records. They filed a complaint with police, who suspended him for 35 days for conduct unbecoming an officer, failure to obey orders and neglect of duty. In 2009, the D.C. Office of Employee Appeals reduced the suspension to 13, awarding Palmer back pay

State Sponsored Criminal #498: Wendel Palmer

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