It Appears Big Companies Do Learn From Past Mistakes

So via Sebastian I discovered today that both Ruger and Smith & Wesson have pulled out of the ESOS show.

There’s three parts to an apology and honestly I think both Ruger and Smith & Wesson just nailed the third part so hard its’ going into orbit.

It appears that the exhibiter is doubling down on stupid and going for broke.  Sadly it looks like they played the cards so they won’t feel the pinch this year.  Next year however no one is going to want to go to this pile of crap.  The controversy surrounding it is going to kill it.  Which honestly, if the company is anti-gun, may very well be their goal.

There are numerous other vendors pulling out, many of whom stand to take a financial hit for standing behind  gun owners.  Folks, that isn’t right, we should support them for what they have done and make the positive press they get from doing so actually count.

So, like Sebastian, I’m going to place an order from GUTNTAG, and honestly I think we need a list of all the companies who are pulling out to support us.  We need to spread the word far and wide and increase visibility.

So to any vendor for the ESOS show.

Please contact me if you are a vendor and are dropping out of the ESOS show and would like 6 months of free advertising on the website.  It isn’t much but every little bit helps.

Now as for the list, I would be more than happy to organize the list and post it, however I’m on the exact opposite coast and am a bit far from this loop.  If anyone wants to take point on this great, if someone wants to gather the info and bump it to me, I would be just as happy with that.

I am quite glad to see the outcome of this happening in a way that is amenable to gun owners and is a solid indication that, “No, we’re not going to negotiate, we’re not going to back down, and we’re not going to be bullied.”

And this just in, how stupid are they going? They’re going for full retard!

Due to Reed Exhibitions’ refusal to reconsider their decision to ban Modern Sporting Rifles from the February 2-10 Eastern Sports Show in Harrisburg, PA, the National Rifle Association has decided to withdraw from the show. We had called on Reed Exhibitions to reconsider their decision; unfortunately they have steadfastly refused to do so. As a result, the NRA will not be participating in the upcoming show in Harrisburg or in any other shows hosted by Reed Exhibitions that maintain this policy. We are disappointed that Reed Exhibitions has ignored the concerns expressed by attendees, the outdoor industry and the NRA in not reconsidering their position to ban the display of Modern Sporting Rifles.

Emphasis mine.  Yup, they just gave another example like Zumbo and others how not to approach the firearms community.

h/t Uncle on the NRA.

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2 Responses to It Appears Big Companies Do Learn From Past Mistakes

  1. Boyd says:

    Meanwhile, on the -west- coast the president of Washington states largest gun show promoter ( ) gave an editorial interview to the Everett Herald so clear and unequivocal (As would every other elected WAC officer.) that you might think he owned and traded in AR platform weapons himself. We really are in this together, I hope the lesson fits the mistake for ESOS and that the vendors more then make up for the lost business. Good on you for offering advertising here! All IMO -Boyd Kneeland, Washington Arms Collectors corp. Secretary

    • Barron says:

      I’m sad there’s no WAC shows out here. I had a WAC membership for a while while I lived on the West side, now that I live out here I don’t bother. I miss the Puyallup gun show, only thing that comes close is the Lewiston show, Spokane’s is tiny.

      I’ve been surprised by the response this time around compared to what happened in 94. I think a few things have changed, for the better I might add. You have a generation of people like me who grew up and know what it was and how it did nothing at all. Then those that were around in 94 realized that the other side saying they’re going to run you over too, is realizing we weren’t kidding.

      There’s still a few hold outs who seem to think that giving them a compromise won’t hurt, except if it were truly a compromise, wouldn’t they repeal something at the same time? They don’t want compromise, they want to lecture us and crush us.