The Internet is Forever

So this goes along with my stupidity lasts post from yesterday along with how despicable and nasty the other side is.  You see, a particular jerk tweeted some nasty things at some friends of mine.  It was quite obvious he was attempting to stereotype gun owners in the classic sense.  Insulting my friend Erin in the process.

It devolved into him bitching about America and general nastiness, but then it became epic.  He left a tweet and I said, well I’ll screen shot it when I get home… Well he memory holed the bastard by the time I got there.  Bad news for him, it was still sitting in my browser this morning.

Here’s what was in his feed this morning:

Notice what tweet he sent down the memory hole.  Such a nice comment that, because you know wishing illness and death, a miserable one at that, on another human being is the mark of tolerance and willingness to coexist.  This is why they dislike firearms, they have no self-control and wish violence and hate upon others.  They project their behavior and attitudes onto everyone else and assume that everyone is like that.

I have no doubt that he would be more than happy to have his government eradicate those he deems undesirables with differing opinions.

As we say time and again, gun-control is bigotry, even gun controls roots very roots are racist, and this man is a shining example of it.  Don’t like “X” prevent them from having a gun so you can safely beat them up.  It’s kind of difficult to beat up and harass a minority when they can shoot you for trying.

Guess those on this side of the gun debate are horrible people for wanting to ensure that everyone has equal access to firearm and not discriminate on who has a right to armed self-defense and who does not.

When all you have is stereotypes and bigotry, you have no argument.

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About TMM

TMM is the owner, editor, and principal author at The Minuteman, a competitive shooter, and staff member for Boomershoot. Even in his free time he’s merging his love and knowledge of computers and technology with his love of firearms. Many know his private name and information however due to the current political climate, many are distancing themselves due to the abandonment of Due Process.

11 Responses to The Internet is Forever

  1. Erin Palette says:

    To be fair, after he posted that appalling racist (and completely gratuitous) insult, I reported him to Twitter and they may have deleted it for him. I had hoped they had suspended his account, but it looks like he’s back to spreading his own feces across the internet.

    • Barron says:

      I doubt they would delete it without suspending the account.

      See the Linoge CSGV kerfuffle of 2011. All Linoge wanted was the offending tweets deleted. It appears though if you do tweet something that violates their ToS they will suspend you, at least temporarily.

      Good to know, his shitheel behavior needs to be preserved for posterity though.

      • Erin Palette says:

        At this point, any time he raises his head in an argument you should just post the link to the deleted screencap above. That will destroy his credibility in the eyes of most people.

  2. Instinct says:

    Ah yes, I had the ‘joy’ of interacting with that waste of a good orgasm the other day. Those insults are just about the level he is capable of. When the left can’t respond to the argument they just throw feces.

  3. Guns are stupid, like the people who use them. says:

    poor photoshop right there, maybe you should spend more time on your argument then your photoshop skills.

    • Barron says:

      Too bad it isn’t a photoshop and you have now proven yourself a bigot and a liar. Here it is from Erin’s computer.

      Bigots statement.

      Actually my argument is very effective and reasonable to those willing to pay attention to facts and reason instead of just adhering to their bigotry and intolerance. Due to the fact you have willfully lied in an attempt to deceive go get your own damn soap box, I don’t need to listen to the diatribes of a lying bigot, you sir have earned the ax.

      Not to mention this is coming from a person who can only call gun owners stupid, fantastic argument there sport.

    • Erin Palette says:

      Let’s see if you like this one any better, Ross:

      Oh, I realize at this point that you’re just taking the piss to get a rise from us because you have nothing better to do with your sad little life. But I’m going to make sure this particular lapse in judgement haunts you.

  4. jack says:

    It seems like some folks think that if they just can say something nasty enough, you will lose your cool and fling back the same sort of poo that they threw.

    They think of words as a magic spell, that will cause the listener to immediately change his behavior, make him go away, explode in rage, cry, or something. When their “magic spells” don’t work, they try ever nastier, more shocking language for their “spells”. When that doesn’t work, they get confused, or angry, and totally frustrated.

    In fact, to a rational man, an argument is never won or lost until one side convinces the other of its position. That is the very definition of argument – a series of logical statements designed to convince a rational listener of the truth of a proposition.

    To irrational types, an argument consists of whining, yelling, or screaming at the other person until they agree, or give up and go away, just to avoid the bother of being screamed at. To them, an argument is a fight over territory (the stage, the office, the airwaves, wherever), and when you leave, they think they have won. Kind of reminds me of my dog’s attitude to the mailman – every day he “invades” her territory, and every day she drives him away – she thinks she wins. I can’t explain to her that she didn’t win, because she doesn’t have the intellectual capacity to understand, and besides, didn’t you see how he went away? (Wags tail)

    There is no logical way to convince these people to change their minds – you have to use emotional arguments. Don’t ask me how – I suck at that. But when I run out of time, I always thank them and tell them how much I enjoyed the discussion. That really pisses them off.

  5. I personally have not yet used this website, but I do hear that even tweets are forever.