SSCC #506 & #507 – Fort Deposit

This one goes up because by god, they actually do use that most underused law on the books.

Carlos Tyson Bennett, 37, pleaded guilty on Aug. 29, 2012, to one count of conspiracy against rights and four counts of deprivation of rights under color of law.

Bennett was accused of stealing money from motorists during traffic stops with another former Fort Deposit police officer, Jessie Alan Fuller, on Interstate 65 in 2009.

Bennett admitted that he and Fuller pulled over vehicles under the guise of legitimate law enforcement activity and stole cash from drivers and passengers in violation of their Fourth Amendment rights.

Only 3 years for the deed though, even with attempting to cover it all up.

State Sponsored Criminal #506: Carlos Tyson Bennett

#507: Jessie Alan Fuller

Because the reason we have full time law enforcement is so criminals can use that authority to abuse the law-abiding and steal from them.  They get a nice slap on the wrist though when they get caught.

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