Quote of the Day – Freiheit (2/15/2013)

I got about halfway through this and realized that if a damn whitetail deer can run 150 yards after being plugged by a .30 cal rifle bullet then why should I expect a bad guy to stop and drop dead after a single hit from a handgun round?

Freiheit – Comment to Let’s Talk Terminal Ballistics 3 – The Myth of Handgun Stopping Power

February 14th, 2013

[First if you haven’t been reading Tim’s series on Terminal Ballistics, I recommend you do.  There are a lot of myths out there and many of them are stubborn and have serious trouble dying despite evidence and science to the contrary.

Second, this is exactly why magazine capacity limits are total crap.  Go read this section most importantly and then ask yourself, “Why wouldn’t I want to carry as much ammunition in a single magazine as I could?”

There is no magic bullet, well maybe a 50 BMG, but still the idea of a person stopping magically merely because it was God’s own caliber is a myth.  Especially with regards to pistols.  That isn’t to say, as Caleb rightly points out, there are reasons to prefer one caliber over another, but it’s not for the reasons many throw out there. -B]

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