I see a business opportunity…

So it appears that the powers that be think that it is necessary to train with the following types of targets:


Sadly this type of crap isn’t a joke and it’s down right real.

I just had an epiphany though.  Someone needs to make some Jack-Booted Thug targets.  Not just jack-booted thug targets but also some generic corrupt police officer targets.  Targets such as:


We can keep moving forward though.


The state keeps working on increasing the rift between us and them.  They apparently feel the need to train to shoot pregnant women and children, so why not train for the reality that you may need to shoot a corrupt police officer that has no problems with killing you.  Doubly so since he will be protected by “qualified immunity”.

Remember how often they use force when it’s unnecessary.  Just look at the recent incident with the LAPD.  Why are they training to be more willing to use force against the weakest in society?  If they seem to think that everyone under the sun is their enemy, why should we think that any of them could still possibly be friendly?

If they’re going to train to kill us all and let god sort it out, why aren’t we doing the same?**

h/t Kevin Baker.

**Note I’m not condoning violence against police officers, but they sure are condoning violence against us.

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4 Responses to I see a business opportunity…

  1. Rolf says:

    It would be interesting to see what the cops think if you propose having them use targets with military-style images, and vice-versa. Just for “desensitization” , of course. Because of people like Dorner, you understand. Rogue elements. How would they see THAT?

    • Barron says:

      Oh without a doubt. For some reason though I don’t see them exactly “going for it”. Just the same I’m not going for their BS about shooting at representatives of pregnant women and children.

  2. dave w says:

    All white folk targets. Interesting. Presumably any other kind of target would be raysist, stereotyping and offensive.