SSCC #528–Harris County

Lonnie Blevins was an investigator for Harris County involved in the case of lawyer Anthony Chiofalo, who was charged last May with bilking his employer out of $9 million.

In the course of the case, authorities seized Chiofalo’s high-priced comics and other collectibles — including a first-edition Batman comic book worth about $900,000 and an original Green Lantern comic valued at $300,000.

But after a months-long federal investigation, Blevins was arrested in the disappearance of some of those assets which he allegedly sold.

How nice, worked in the prosecutors office and stole property seized in a case.    Best part is, as much as they were worth, he got ripped off big time as he made the sale.

State Sponsored Criminal #528: Lonnie Blevins

Because when you work for the DA, steal someone else’s property that’s been stolen by the state and make a buck.

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