SSCC #534 – LAPD

Los Angeles police officers bought and sold guns from the police armory for profit, and told the lieutenant in charge of the armory to “watch his back” after he reported it, the 25-year LAPD veteran claims in court.

So the people of the state of California are screwed and stuck with a bullet button and magazine capacity limits, yet look at the behavior of the police forces.

Remember according to our overlords we should surrender our “unnecessary personal pleasures” for the betterment of the state.  Yeah lady and you should surrender your unnecessary personal pleasure of opening your fat mouth for the betterment of the rights of Americans.

To refer to the right to keep an bear arms as an unnecessary personal pleasure is to trivialize the significance of the right.  Being able to shoot your assailant  stop your rapist, and otherwise defend yourself is an “unnecessary personal pleasure”.  Which in her eyes might be true since the American people probably pay for her own armed security detail.

State Sponsored Criminal #534: LAPD

Because there are the laws for “our betters” and their servants and then there are the laws to enslave the rest of us.

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