Quote of the Day – Lynda Kay Duke (3/11/2013)

But my thinking changed that day. I had to recognize that him committing suicide wasn’t the gun’s fault. I had to recognize that maybe me getting a gun as a teenager and holding it on someone may have saved me and my friend from a very bad situation. All those years I dwelled on the, “what if’s” and thinking “what if I had shot him.”  But now I think, “what if I saved us?” Another event comes to mind. Just in the last year I was walking out of a store and a truck with three men in it started following me in the parking lot. They blocked my daughter’s van and I had to jump in through back doors.

Lynda Kay Duke – Giveaway Entry Letter

March 11, 2013

[There is definitely a different thought process between those on this side of the debate and those on the other side.  First go read Lynda’s story.

Back?  Who else was lost and confused about why she would be afraid of a gun after using one in self-defense?  Anyone?  Bueller?

Why someone would look at a tool and be fearful of it after using it in a manner as to protect yourself?  It took her a long time before she switched the pattern of thinking from “what if I hurt that guy” to “what if I saved us?”  That alters the context beyond measure.

A firearm is merely a tool which performs the functions intended by the operator. No more, no less, it does not magically do anything on its own without input from an external entity.

I’m glad she’s noticed this fact and sees what a valuable tool it can be.  Now if only those on the other side of the fence were actually capable of understanding that. -B]


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2 Responses to Quote of the Day – Lynda Kay Duke (3/11/2013)

  1. I had a discussion with a gentleman about horrible guns were. It seems his brother, a veteran and CCW holder, saw a suspicious man at a gas station, entered behind him, and it turned out to be…a cop. And nothing happened.

    But just think how dreadful IT MIGHT HAVE BEEN if it had been a robber who’d shot him.

    You can’t logically argue someone out of a position they didn’t logically argue themselves into.