SSCC #547: Pittsburgh

 A former Pittsburgh Police officer has pleaded guilty to charges that he tried to extort sexual favors from women in return for legal help.

Adam Skweres, a nine-year veteran, pleaded guilty Monday morning to several counts involving five women.

Reading the accounts of the different circumstances of the victims and the officers behavior makes me sick.  At least he’s going to jail for what he did but how many others are out there that get away with it?

Initially an honorable mention was considered but given these types of events happen more often than they should, it’s as if the system fosters the type of environment that allows it.

State Sponsored Criminal #547: Adam Skweres

Because when you think a woman is a cute piece of ass, by all means use your authority and power to intimidate and manipulate her.

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  1. Old NFO says:

    Another one got caught… GOOD!