SSCC #549 – Chicago

Chicago police shot a store owner 11 times after armed gunmen robbed him, then handcuffed him to his hospital bed and harassed him to cover up their “gross misconduct,” the businessman claims in court.

No wonder the power that be are fighting so hard to keep their peasants disarmed.  With negligence like that it’s no wonder they hate the idea of their constituents being armed.  Especially with this follow on:

 “Plaintiff was shot and seriously wounded with 11 bullets to his hands, shoulder, legs, and hips. One bullet almost his plaintiff’s head but it passed by plaintiff’s head and hit the cash register. Plaintiff was bleeding profusely. Aruri was very scared and thought that plaintiff would die. Aruri ran to get something to wrap plaintiff’s leg because it was shooting blood everywhere. The police ran into the store and the plaintiff lying down in a pool of blood asked them, in an extremely weak state, why they shot the owner. The police did not answer, did [not] give any care, and they stopped Aruri from even touching Abdelal and providing care.

Yup, shoot an innocent and then refuse to allow them immediate treatment.  Don’t worry though, it wont be those responsible who pay, it will be the tax payers of Chicago.

State Sponsored Criminal #549: The Chicago PD

Because when you shoot an innocent, notify your department and have their detectives harass and intimidate the victim in the hospital.  Remember you’re the cop and you’re invincible.

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One Response to SSCC #549 – Chicago

  1. Archer says:

    This does not excuse the “officer’s” behavior, but:

    Looking at that another way, it took a “trained” police officer 11 rounds to incapacitate an unarmed store owner. But they want to tell us 10 rounds is enough to defend against armed, drugged-out thugs, who tend to travel in packs.

    It’s almost like they want you and me to be defenseless. Oh, wait….