SSCC #552-#554: Pittsburgh


The injuries to the victim include a broken rib, chipped teeth, stitches across the face and a chunk of flesh missing from his tongue. The officers came up behind the victim pushed him down, and two of the officers held him down while the third continued to assault the victim.

My personal favorite is this quote from the police department:

Regarding the cell phone video and the body blows, police sources describe them as a compliance technique used by police officers attempting to handcuff suspects.

Umm, no, I’ve been taught compliance techniques and those were not that.  That was nothing more than a physical assault against someone they thought they could get away with.

Even more entertaining is this is a second incident among another one in the Pittsburgh area.  It’s a common thread when a department has problems like this, it’s usually more than just one or two officers but a systemic corruption within the police department.

State Sponsored Criminal #552: John Doe

#553: John Doe

#554: John Doe

Because when a kid is drunk, you basically get a free pass at utterly beating the crap out of him.  They likely wont remember it and you can make up whatever story you want.  Just remember, physically restraining someone and punching them in the face is a “compliance technique”.

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