Quote of the Day–John Klein (3/23/2013)

If I had known this would come from those mags, I would have purchased them for that sole purpose.

John Klein – IM Conversation

March 22nd, 2013

[The magazines in question can be seen here.  Screen shot is below, though it’s worth clicking over just to read the whole debate it started (I will include the best part).


You can probably already guess who the problem child was in that threat of comments.  Read through them the debate was interesting even if honestly it fits the script I’ve seen 100 times.  Seriously I don’t know how they do it but I swear every “debate” goes through the exact same evolution. The kicker though is during that evolution they always do the same thing at one particular point.


And that folks, ended the debate.  Seriously, he stayed quite after that.  Though there is one other comment that frankly had me laughing my ass off.


I think Matthew’s final observation there nails it.  I gave plenty of counter anecdotal evidence along with information he could independently verify.  Instead he alluded to the idea that John and I are compensating for something.  Yup, that’s the sign of the winning argument there. –B]

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One Response to Quote of the Day–John Klein (3/23/2013)

  1. Lyle says:

    Though the statistics are very much in favor of liberty, my rights are not contingent upon statistics. If every other gun owner on the planet murdered someone last night, and i didn’t, leave me alone. I’m 100% innocent, no matter if I have the same tools or if I look the same as the murderers. See how that works? It’s pretty simple. A right is a right, and culpability is culpability. If one white man commits a crime, we bring that one white man to justice and leave every other white man completely alone. If one Jew commits a crime we hold that one Jew accountable and leave every single other Jew completely alone. Same with gun owners, black people, et al. I do not believe there are people incapable of understanding this simple, reasonable concept, and so I have to believe that they are either stinking rotten hating bigots or they are under a hypnotic spell of some kind. This concept is far too simple, and far too obviously just, to be misunderstood by anyone.