SSCC Honorable Mention: Florida Highway Patrol

Roughly two weeks ago, Florida Highway Patrol trooper Charles Swindle was fired for “conduct unbecoming of a public employee” after he offered a state lawmaker, Rep. Charles McBurney (R-Jacksonville), a warning for doing 87 mph in a 70 mph zone. The incident reportedly occurred in November.

Swindle first checked with his sergeant and then told McBurney: “I’m cutting you a break.” The trooper cited the lawmaker for lacking proof of insurance — a $10 ticket opposed to a $280 fine for speeding.

Serious props to the representative for calling attention to it.  It does kind of bug me that the officer was fired over this incident, especially since much more serious incidents seem to walk right on by without a blink.  Don’t get me wrong, getting canned makes sense, it’s the fact that you have incidents like Officer Roid Rage who keep their job.

What is interesting though is why he would extend this type of gratuity toward a lawmaker.  Everyone is bound under the same laws.  That said, yes officers do have some discretion in issuing warnings or tickets.  In this case he seemed to be constantly giving lawmakers a free pass.  I don’t know if it was to garner support for the FHP or if it was an effort to remember names later if need ever arose.

Either way we’re all equal under the law and this officer didn’t feel that was the case.

State Sponsored Criminal Honorable Mention: Charles Swindle

Because by all means let the people who wrote the laws get away with breaking them.

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