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A former assistant police chief in southwestern Illinois faces up five years in federal prison for lying to investigators about selling a gun to a registered sex offender.

On reading the article you think he may be innocent, then you notice that he plead guilty to the charge of making false statements to federal law-enforcement.

Also remember they want to make the current mine field even worse because of crap like what this officer did.  He makes the count though for the following statement:

Allen said he got the gun while working as a police officer and kept and sold it.

Remember now, this is the communist republic of Illinois where getting a gun is a pain in the ass well beyond what it should be and good luck carrying one.  Just to own a firearm you need an FOID, so if the purchaser didn’t have it he shouldn’t have sold it.

State Sponsored Criminal: Assistant Police Chief Corey Allen

Because by all means sell a firearm to a felon and sex-offender where the law-abiding victims cannot carry to defend themselves.

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