This seems to be a pattern…

First here’s what was snapped out of a recent article that hit Drudge today.

The bill’s sponsor, Democrat Sen. Steve Hobbs of Lake Stevens, said Tuesday that he had not read the amendment, but he was aware of concerns from high-tech industries.

The bill in question would mean that I could be compelled to release my user credentials to a prospective employer for my online account.  Who here thinks this is either a good or acceptable idea?  Anyone?  Bueller?

Now I bring this up because just a short while ago we saw the same response regarding a bill that would have violated people’s 4th amendment rights.

One of the bill’s sponsors, State Sen. Adam Kline (D-Seattle), told the Seattle Times that he didn’t properly vet the bill prior to jumping on board. He claims he didn’t realize the bill authorized police searches.

Joe wants people to be held accountable for the laws they push.  This includes sponsoring a law.  If you cannot be bothered to spend the time reading a bill, you should not be sponsoring it.  Even more than that, you should be held accountable for what’s written in it.  Ignorance of what is hidden within isn’t an excuse and you should be held accountable no matter what.

Ear Worm Wednesday – 4/3/2013

Clutch – The Soapmakers

Quote of the Day – God, Gals, Guns, Grub (4/2/2012)

So where am I headin’ with this whole diatribe… well I’m tired of gals who tell me they’d do anything to protect they’re kids when they don’t have a plan, training, or tools for that night when some scumbag kicks in their door during a home-invasion. You don’t need a “rape whistle” or to fire off a double-barrel shotgun into the air. You need sound advice and the determination to take care of yourself and survive no matter what you encounter.

It’s not paranoia, just reality and the world we live in… so… To the weaker sex… accept it and plan accordingly!

God, Gals, Guns, GrubTo the weaker sex: accept it, plan accordingly!

April 2nd, 2013


[I have nothing else to add that he didn’t say in that post.  Which I recommend reading the whole thing.

Some may be upset by what he said, but the fact of the matter is just because it’s politically incorrect doesn’t make it false.  We have tools and people are perfectly capable of learning the skills necessary to defend themselves.  It’s much easier though to say evil men just shouldn’t do that.

Well I’m sorry folks, evil men do exist and the prey on those weaker than them.  Accept it and plan accordingly. -B]

SSCC #557: Knoxville

A Knoxville woman filed a lawsuit against the city of Pittsburgh and a now imprisoned former officer, alleging the man was allowed to continue working for four years even after she filed a complaint against him for soliciting sexual acts from her.

This wasn’t just a one time deal either and it appears they knew about it for a long time.

Skweres was arrested a month later and this week pleaded guilty to all 26 counts against him involving five separate women. Among the most serious counts were charges of attempted rape and involuntary deviate sexual intercourse.

The lawsuit, filed by attorney Alan Perer, alleges that the bureau took no action against Skweres even after complaints were made by Ms. Leonard in 2008 and another victim in 2009. The city also knew that he failed his initial psychological exam, the complaint said.

Aren’t you glad we have men like this who enlist to protect and serve the public.  It’s also nice to see how much the department actually bothered to investigate those seeking positions of authority and their lack of pursuit of information that should raise red flags.

Remember though, we need to put the public through hell to buy a firearm but people like this man and officer ‘roid rage are allowed to work, and continue working despite the evidence they should be fired.

State Sponsored Criminal #557: Adam Skweres

Because when you really need to fill the job, who cares who you hire?  They’re just looking for a good time and wont hurt anyone right?

SSCC #556: Canton Tx

James Melvin Bradshaw, a narcotics officer for the Canton Police Department, was indicted by a federal grand jury on March 27 and charged with six counts of acquiring a controlled substance by misrepresentation. Bradshaw was arrested this morning and went before U.S. Magistrate Judge Judith Guthrie this afternoon for an initial appearance.

It’s such a wonderful thing we have this war on nouns right?  Look at all the good it does for society and how it allows officers to expand their horizons.  This one doubly makes the count because he took it from people who had legitimate prescriptions.  In other words he stole from law abiding citizens.

State Sponsored Criminal #556: James Melvin Bradshaw

Because when you’re a narcotics officer, harass whoever you want, even if they’re lying in a hospital bed.  They don’t need those pills now do they.

Say Hello To Jules


I said good-bye to Senior and Junior last week and this is their replacement.  I got a bunch of stuff I wanted, didn’t really lose any features, dropped my payment and cut my interest rate in half.

Why am I naming the new truck Jules, here’s a couple million words.

I will say that 6.7L Diesel is a serious kick in the teeth.  I am a little sad to let my manual transmission go, but there are upshots to an automatic and this one has a full manual mode.  Now to fix the boat for this summer.

I will be getting at least one of these wallets to put my insurance and registration info in.  I will probably get one for myself as well.

Now if you don’t get the tie between the wallet and the name Jules, let me enlighten you.

The running winner was Marci, short for Marcellus Wallace until the wife mentioned Jules.  I also thought about using the code names from Reservoir Dogs.

Deep down I really wanted to do Jayne but another friend of mine’s got that one for her truck.

Breaking News, Brady Campaign Admits What We All Knew

The Brady Campaign is now finally admitting that they would like to see a total confiscation of firearms.

In a surprising turn of events today the Brady Campaign issued the following press statement through email.

In light of the recent events at Sandy Hook along with the rampant gun violence seen through out America we think the time has finally come for American’s to lay down their arms.

There is no need for any type of bullet spewing machine in this day and age.  One has cell phones and can easily call the police if trouble should arise.  Guns only serve as a tool to harm innocents, including the young man just trying to get money to support his habit.

It is for this reason we support the acts proposed in Congress and would like to see the government take the arms of the American people if they are not willing to lay them down voluntarily.  Any person who would own a firearm is not an American, but a terrorist who wishes harm and violence upon them.

This is an extreme change in position of the past years where repeatedly the Brady Campaign would insist over and over than no one was out to take anyone’s firearms.  That the only changes they sought were “common sense” and would aid in keeping firearms out of the hands of criminals.

This press statement however has not indicated how this action will improve or change their perspective relevance in the current fight on gun control.

I will post more information as it comes in.

Note this was posted on April 1st and is a joke. Though it does serve as an additional reminder of Poe’s law.