SSCC Colorado Springs

A man who was wrongly detained by Colorado Springs police for carrying a holstered pistol at a gay-rights parade last year is suing the city and members of the Police Department.

James Sorensen, 24, was arrested July 21 in Acacia Park in downtown Colorado Springs under an outmoded law – repealed in 2003 – that made it a misdemeanor to carry guns into public parks. Police later acknowledged the arrest was made in error, and Sorensen’s ticket was dismissed in August.

I’m reminded of a bit from Ron White, “Ignorance of the law is no excuse.”

We cannot play dumb when it comes to us violating the law but they get a free pass to arrest someone and violate their rights because they don’t know the law.  If the people charged with enforcing the law don’t even know what’s legal or illegal anymore, maybe it’s time to reset the law because they’re obviously too much garbage on the books.

State Sponsored Criminal: CSPD

Because ignorance of the law can only be used against the otherwise law-abiding citizen, not the cop looking to abuse him.

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  1. Old NFO says:

    Very true, and they DO often get away with it!