SSCC California Highway Patrol

No officers have been fired and the acting chief had the following to say:

The public if they get stopped and simply comply with what they are asked to do, they have nothing to fear, nothing to fear at all.

Translation.  Follow orders blindly or suffer violence without cause.  Think about that, do exactly as the officer says or they can kill you.  Think about what that implies and remember if you fight back you’ll be charged with assault. 

When they do it, it’s merely law enforcement, even when force isn’t necessary.

State Sponsored Criminal: Andrew P. Murrill

Because when you’re a cop and you’re bored and someone doesn’t do exactly what you want, beat them to within an inch of their life.

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One Response to SSCC California Highway Patrol

  1. Francis Waters says:

    There is no justice in the US of Fascist A. Instead, we the piss-ons become only more emboldened to take an officers life, not separating the good from thugs – just like shit enforcement like Andrew P. Murrill. Thugs like Murrill put good officers at risk, and are a glaring threat to the rule of law. No one respects thug copsl. When will the people say enough and pull the trigger first? Thug cops deserve everything bad that happens to them – “legal” or not.