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Cyber bullying is a serious concern among parents across the nation, but one Pullman woman said a local law enforcement agency bullied her brother on Facebook, and she said it contributed to his decision to commit suicide.

So it appears that the Latah County Sheriff’s office took to bullying a man through Facebook recently to harass and intimidate.  Now there are some questions, however even the the Sheriff himself stated the following:

In an official statement, Rausch said, "It has never been my policy to include editorializing in media releases pertaining to the location and apprehension of persons wanted by the court." Rausch also personally apologized to Smith.

So will any of the numerous laws that cover cyber bullying be invoked against the aggressor in this case?  No, he will just receive “additional training.”

State Sponsored Criminal: Doug Andersen

Because it’s only harassment and intimidation when you don’t have a badge.

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