I-594, the Political War and Educating Outsiders…

I had a request come in last week to be a guest host on 2AToday to talk about I-594 and I-591, Washington political history, and basically provide a solid overview to educate people on the situation, especially those outside of Washington.

The creator worked his tail off and got it posted at BF 30 this morning.

There will be a part 2 follow on episode for after the election where fallout and the political horizon will be discussed.

While you may not live in Washington so you have no ability to vote on the initiatives I highly recommend you listen. I didn’t do this  just because of Washington politics. There is more going on that many people realize and we’re already seeing the glow of smoke on the horizon. We’re in a fight whether you like it or not and I suggest finding out what’s going on from people currently on the front lines before you find yourself in a middle of a political war zone with no clue what’s going on.

You will notice I broke out the “It Can’t Happen Here” category, because I suspect we will be hearing a lot of it in the near future.

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About TMM

TMM is the owner, editor, and principal author at The Minuteman, a competitive shooter, and staff member for Boomershoot. Even in his free time he’s merging his love and knowledge of computers and technology with his love of firearms. Many know his private name and information however due to the current political climate, many are distancing themselves due to the abandonment of Due Process.

4 Responses to I-594, the Political War and Educating Outsiders…

  1. Archer says:

    I’m in Oregon. We’re watching this initiative battle very closely.

    If it passes there, it won’t be long before it’s tried here. Hell, even if it DOESN’T pass there, it’ll likely be tried here anyway.

    That Bloomberg has SINGLE-HANDEDLY outspent I-591 supporters to fund I-594 just reeks of a bought-and-paid-for election. (Somebody oughta pass a law!)

    We’re rooting for you.

  2. Old NFO says:

    YOu did good Barron! And 594 is BIG problem for y’all if it passes… The cops coming out against it may help.

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  4. Gearmoe says:

    For anyone on the fence………

    There is much to be said about both Measures and many opinions. The article herein is fine and true but may leave some still thinking 594 will at least keep some guns from bad guys. Well, it’s true, it won’t. I’ll mention this later. I’ve done my share of writing, attempting to provide an unbiased pragmatic view. In a nutshell, this may help you decide.

    I-594 addresses the Rights defined by our Constitution. Whenever you vote to address the Constitution you want to make sure the Measure is very very VERY clear, concise and concrete.

    In the case of 594, it does not pass this simple test as it is 18 pages of line by line of legalese. For this reason alone everyone best vote NO on 594. In other words it is not ready for prime time. It is not written at the level a Measure must be written to address the US Constitution.

    I personally find 594 upsetting, and the methods used to support it disappointing. Oh, and something surprising about me, I’m not a member of the GOP nor an NRA member. But I am intelligent enough to know when a proposed Initiative is not up to the task.

    Back to what I was eluding to earlier. 594 has no means by which to keep a firearm out of a criminals possession or maybe help detour an error of use. They say it does, they promote the “loophole” and make a big deal of it, but you’re being mislead.

    You see the majority of online sales are background checked through Dealers e.g. FFL’s. A gun for sale for instance on Craigslist, (I mention as there is a 594 commercial about this) will almost immeadiately draw the attention of local law enforcement. Why? They watch for these sales. Why? Because why would a law-abiding person do this? All may be above-board, but it may not, so they watch. In this the opportunity to buy guns in this manner is infinitesimally small. In fact, this is the kind of sale cops like to do fake buys on to arrest people trying to sell to bad guys. WHAT? Yes, there is WA law which is clear about not selling a firearm to anyone you know could not legally have a gun or may be considering misuse.

    So there is that. But you say, Hey Gearmoe, what about those gun shows, I hear bad guys buy guns there because they don’t do checks! Well, allow me to share, 594 is blowing smoke here too, add a little spin and a molehill becomes a mountain, and this is their angle.

    It is true, some smaller gun shows do not have required checks but the recorded sales are again small small small. And the sellers at these shows are savy people who know each other. They do have to follow law as I mentioned earlier. But these folks don’t HAVE TO sell you anything! Many are very good judges of character. So 594 spins these small shows out of proportion.

    But those big shows, they sell many firearms! Yes they do, you are correct. But guess what, those bid shows require any buyer to be a CPL holder or to become a member first. Guess what a CPL and a membership requires? A BACKGROUND CHECK. Again 594 pulls some wool over your eyes.

    But 594 is about something good, right, it is about stopping crime? Uh, well….lets be pragmatic. Law Officers are all about fighting crime and WACOPS, a tremendous number of Officers in WA DO NOT SUPPORT 594! Why on earth would any police officer not support a good law against crime? BECAUSE IT ISN”T GOOD LAW and IT WON’T DO ANYTHING TO STOP CRIME,…that’s why.

    I kind of laugh about 594, but it hurts as I know a number of people are being fooled and will vote for it, not knowing they are being sold down the river.

    So 591, yes, vote yes! Why? Okay, there is some strategy to passing it in order to stop 594, this is true. If both pass they go to the STATE, where they stand a chance to both being thrown out. In this we stop a bad law. Another is to defuse a few stories and spins. 591 has been accused of rolling back background checks. NO, this is not true and circulated to scare voters. What’s the due process, take away about. Okay, this was a reaction to a number of people who had firearms taken from them during/after hurricane Katrina, it was a bad thing all around. Not a legal process, goes against rights. Basically 591 doesn’t hurt anything and can help, that’s all I have to say herein.

    Oh, one more thing…..

    I did discuss 594 with a LARGE contributor, I can not divulge the name. They recognized and agreed maybe things like promoting trigger locks, safes, training, licenses would make an immediate definitive difference. These may have an immediate effect. So are any of these addressed in 594? No, none. In fact there is nothing in 594 which discusses an item which can be implemented, like a trigger lock, to detour misuse. When I asked the person why 594 was not more simple and addressed such, guess what, they did not respond.

    If you like 591, great, if you don’t don’t sweat, it will not promote the criminal element and stands to stop 594. And 594? VOTE NO ON 594, END OF STORY.

    594 messes with the US Constitution. It is 18 pages when it would best be one. 594 does not address changes in areas where criminals obtain firearms nor does it suggest ways to enhance responsibly. 591 supports what we already have, allows for improvements, and stands to stop 594.