Well, this is not good…

So coupled with the case of sudden Jihad syndrome out of Australia, we have something that is considerably concerning and interestingly not being advertised well within the news.

Last night Russia increased interest rates to 17%. Yes, those rates are Jimmy Carter era rates. Now why would they do something like that? Well here it is in graphical form:

Snapshot as of Dec. 16, 2014 0716 Pacific Time

Snapshot as of Dec. 16, 2014 0716 Pacific Time

The link will take you to the current Kitco rates. That’s right folks the Russian Ruble has damn near lost half its value in 30 days. There is a bunch of very interesting things if you think about it, and none of it comforting. Be ready cause winter is coming.

It is becoming apparent that the majority of the world has been printing money at a rate faster than the US and the US is making Zimbabwe look like thrifty spenders. How is that for “mental comfort”.

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2 Responses to Well, this is not good…

  1. Old NFO says:

    Things are unravelling quickly, and nobody is paying any attention to it in Washington… TRULY scary…

  2. Lyle says:

    Old nfo; they’re paying attention in Washington alright, they just aren’t talking about it because they’re doing the same thing. They’re soul mates, and you don’t point out the follies of your soul mates when your at the same party doing the same things.

    We can take great comfort in one thing– Reality will eventually insert itself into human society, or as Rudyard Kipling put it, “The gods of the copybook headings, with terror and slaughter, return.” So have a heart, for reality will return!

    As I’m sure you’re aware from having read the poem, the “gods of the copybook headings” are the simple and obvious truths, such as the fact that water will wet us, and fire will burn. We can deny them for a little while, here and there, but eventually they catch up to us, often with catastrophic consequences.