I always thought this was a bad idea…

So I had previously seen a lot of different coverage in different places about the “festival of colors“. For a quick background see this.

I always thought it intriguing yet weird because well my fascination with fire and explosives has taught me the dangers of such things as dust, especially in large quantities. Well my apprehension was evidently well founded.

An article on the incident had this to say,

Explosions and blasts continued to take or put human lives in danger across the globe over the past week as fun and frolic turned into tragedy in the space of minutes. In the Formosa Water Park in the Bali district in Taiwan, over 200 people suffered severe burns after a dust explosion engulfed an area where people were merrily dancing.

I learned about the wonders of dust explosions back in scouts and the ripe age of 13. Non-dairy creamer, flour, really anything in a powdered form that is combustable will produce fantastic results. The MSDS for white chalk further provides data that while it may be chalk, danger is a serious concern for fire and explosion.

So remember, trust your gut and just because a bunch of people are doing it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe.

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2 Responses to I always thought this was a bad idea…

  1. Old NFO says:

    I learned the same things you did. I see dust, I get out of the area! That video is scary how fast and how many are on fire!

  2. NotClauswitz says:

    In my own experience the festival known as “Holi,” as practiced in India, allows for a lot of Hindu transgressivism and caste-mixing, and can quickly become an outlet of aggression – like a water-balloon fight gone angry and bad. The colored powder is also often mixed into water and sprayed onto people, or but into water-balloons and thrown.
    The video shows the happy-hippie and trance-dance side of a drug addled rave, no doubt there’s a lot of Ecstasy and Rohypnol in that crowd…