Brainwashing Our Youth…

So while writing a blog earlier Stardock decided to throw up an ad. 


Now we can train your kids that road blocks and searching your vehicles are normal.  This is definitely a game I would NOT buy.  Not only because it looks like the mechanics were crapped out by some high school coder, but the whole concept just bugs the crap out of me.  I understand the stopping smuggling, though legalization would help fix that problem wouldn’t it?  I understand preventing unlawful entry.  I’m fine with that, but the whole concept of making it a game just bugs me.  Not to mention this line from the description:

  • Outfit, arm and train your guards with top-of-the-line life-saving security.
  • That sentence just doesn’t make sense.  How do you outfit and arm someone with security?  What does bug me though is this game could easily be used to twist people into thinking that everything DHS comes up with is a good idea.  Such as making people think the TSA scanners will actually make us safer. 

    Though I must say this is probably better than say “Homeland Defense: TSA Agent”. Where you goals are to find out if little Tiffany is smuggling coke in her cooch. 

    Coming to a Mall Near You

    With everyone refusing to have their privacy and 4th Amendment rights violated by TSA at the airport, They have decided to expand to commonly traveled areas.

    I’ve already seen that the TSA is worse than Russia in 1989. However with the tactics and the rate that they’re expanding, I’m seriously beginning to wonder when people are going to start “disappearing” in the night to never be seen or heard from again.

    DHS and TSA are both totally out of control and obsessed with power. The worst part of all of this though is we’re told it’s for our own good. William Pitt has expressed my feelings on that type of sentiment quite well.

    Update: Some coworkers and I were talking and trying to figure out why they would want to screen malls. Then it dawned on us, the number of teenage girls at malls is through the roof. Coupled with their soccer mom escorts, it’s a sexual predators wet dream.

    All warm and fuzzy…

    I read something today that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Not in the good way either. Here are a few snippets from what I found.

    (U) decentralized

    terrorist movement

    (U//FOUO) A movement of groups or individuals who

    pursue shared ideological goals through tactics of leaderless

    resistance independent of any larger terrorist organization


    What are they doing that makes them terrorists?

    Resistance defines something other than terrorist. Here’s the definition of terrorist:

    (n) terrorist (a radical who employs terror as a political weapon; usually organizes with other terrorists in small cells; often uses religion as a cover for terrorist activities)

    That definition is very straight forward and to the point. However a group of individuals with similar ideological goals are terrorists. Yes I’m stretching but do you think they wont?


    (U) hacktivism (U//FOUO) (A portmanteau of “hacking” and “activism.”)

    The use of cyber technologies to achieve a political end, or

    technology-enabled political or social activism.

    Hacktivism might include website defacements,

    denial-of-service attacks, hacking into the target’s network to

    introduce malicious software (malware), or information theft.


    Now they say might include, however the main definition states the use of cyber technologies to achieve a political end. Blogs are a cyber technology. That’s just for starters.

    The one that made me want to post on this though is the following.

    (U) direct action (U//FOUO) Lawful or unlawful acts of civil disobedience

    ranging from protests to property destruction or acts of

    violence. This term is most often used by single-issue or

    anarchist extremists to describe their activities.


    I have highlighted, underlined, bolded and italicized the key word that should NOT be in that statement. You are now profiling people doing legal action as extremists. Basically the vibe I got from the whole damn thing was you could place just about anybody into the definitions. It is also the most bigoted racist thing I have read in a LONG time. This is part of their new set of tools to weed out those who are not good little sheep. The best way to control speech and actions is to just make it uncomfortable to express yourself. Talk about firearms in schools is a forboden topic now. These same schools claim to be open to the free exchange of ideas. The correct statement is they allow the regurgitation of their ideas.


    God I need a beer. Guess I need to update my SHTFP. This is getting downright scary.

    Hat Tip to TriggerFinger for the school story.