Ear Worm, Not Yet Wednesday (2/11/2014)

Just heard this across Slacker, I immediately fell in love…

Very valid advice, “don’t bring a knife to a gun fight, you’ll lose.”  Now they do point out that some fights just aren’t fair.  I have one comment on that, if you find yourself in a fair fight your tactics suck.

The intro spoke very strongly to me.  If you don’t know why, let me introduce you to Wounded Knee.  Tell me, how did surrendering their arms work for the indians?

And why yes this is the same group who brought you this…

Sick Puppies – Gunfight

Random Earworm…

This came across Slacker today while coding…  My immediate thought was both neat and awesome rolled into one:

If you don’t get it, I suggest this for your viewing pleasure.  Oh and in the theme of Deadmau5, here’s a costume a coworker wore for Halloween last Thursday.IMAG0677

I should have taken video too.  The eyes went to the beat of the music and changed  colors.

Deadmau5 – Closer

An Ear Worm For Ya…

This one played on Slacker on my drive back home Friday…

I can’t help but think my dad has been grinning lately saying exactly that.  My mom when chatting with family friends lately about the happenings in my life she’s been prefixing it with, “Remember Harry?  Well you remember how stubborn he was?  Remember how vocal he was and how he spoke the truth even if you didn’t want to hear it?…”

It continues on like that.  A few have gotten text messages about some of the drama in my life lately.  It provides a lot a laughter for us, again not going to post details but it appears my exit survey went viral at my former employer.

To give you another idea of how much I am like my father.  Many people think they are seeing a ghost when they see me.  I ended up going into a rant while on the phone with my mom and she replied “Hi Harry, hadn’t heard from you in a while.”  Ended up my dad had ranted similarly at some point before I was born.  It is amazing how tight that bond is without even fully realizing it.

If/When I have a son, I’m totally screwed.

Rodney Atkins -He’s Mine

Ear Worm Wednesday 7/17/2013

I swear one of these days I’m going to get together with a couple friends and we’re going to end up going out to dinner and it’s going to look exactly something like that.

Blake Shelton – Hillbilly Bone

Ear Worm Wednesday–7/10/2013

This one is kind of NSFW.

Chevelle – I Get It

Ear Worm Wednesday–6/26/2013

Well, damn, forgot to hit publish on this last night!

Dropkick Murphys – Cadence to Arms

Ear Worm Wednesday–6/19/2013

Another preferred cover:

For those of you not old enough, here’s the original.

Breaking Benjamin – Enjoy the Silence

Ear Worm Wednesday–6/12/2013 (NSFW)

Yeah don’t play either of these while sitting at your desk at work.  I have seen it before but it’s kind of a funny story how it got stuck in my ear tonight.  I try to keep this PG but I’ve been laughing too hard and was reminded of the second video and god it’s so funny!  (Neither are graphic, just the content I wouldn’t consider work appropriate.)

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