Ear Worm Wednesday–6/5/2013

If you’ve never heard the original with all it’s oddities.

Powerman 5000 – Whip It

Ear Worm Wednesday–A Day Late (5/30/2013)

Things have been getting hectic at work.  Plus I’ve got a large pile of projects lying around needing to get done.  I just haven’t had the time to work on the blog like I’d like to.

In the mean time here’s the ear worm, I’ll get to why here in a second.

So I did exactly what I am well known for doing when I finally open my mouth.  You see I’m normally the quite guy in the back of the room.  I rarely speak unless it really strikes me and I’ve spent a decent amount of time on the subject.

Things recently went about like this:

Now I wasn’t nearly as abrupt as Alice, but I didn’t dance around the subject either.  Needless to say this little dance has left me emotionally drained.  Nothing quite says fuck you like the email I had waiting for me this morning.  This won’t stop me from telling it like it is, instead I’ll just do what my dad did after people continue to ignore his advice after asking for it, stop giving it even when they ask.

Soil – Like it is.

*No I will not be going into details of what exactly this was in reference to, or where it happened or who was involved.  Just don’t be surprised if I don’t blog for a bit.  I’m just tired of sitting in front of my computer all day long.  Seriously it’s been damn near wake up to bed time lately.  I want some me time.

Ear Worm Wednesday–5/22/2013

I saw a post that was best expressed by a picture within it.

To which I immediately thought of this:

Hard yes, but there’s certainly more crushing blows, especially to those who lost the most precious parts of their life that cannot be replaced.

Craig Morgan – This  Ain’t Nothin’

Ear Worm Wednesday–5/15/2013

Puddle of Mudd – Gimme Shelter

Ear Worm Wednesday (5/8/2013)

Long day’s at work lately and I’ve been busy starting up the last few sites on the server.  No I didn’t forget.

Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song

Ear Worm Wednesday – 5/1/2013

Dropkick Murphys – The Boys are Back

Ear Worm Wednesday – 4/24/2013

Volbeat – Doc Holiday

Ear Worm Wednesday – 4/17/2013

Only fitting given the following best described in Meme form:


They may not realize it but they awoke a beast and many of us are answering the call of the warrior.

Volbeat – A Warrior’s Call