Ear Worm Wednesday

Here’s another one from Apocalyptica, Beautiful, but even my mom should like this:

And yes I do find that title fitting… Told you my music choices were quite varied.

This one hasn’t been grinding my ear, but it has been grinding on Mr. Entertainingly Close.


Earworm Wednesday–06/19/2012

Admit it, you like it.  How man rockers do you see playing the cello?  How many do you see do it and still look like total bad asses?

Apocalyptica – I Don’t Care

Ear Worm Wednesday–5/30/2012

Yeah, I’m glad I moved out into BFE for the small town story.  In Google News I have a feed for my home town.  This today just made me shake my head not to mention this from last week.  Overall, I really don’t miss my home town, it’s nothing like when I grew up there.

Eric Chuch – Homeboy

Ear Worm Wednesday–05/23/2012

Don’t know why but this one’s done it.

New Medicine – Race you to the bottom.

I think it’s because the chorus reminds me of Stich Jones in the bar in Heartbreak Ridge.

Ear Worm Wednesday–05/16/2012

Today’s Earworm, Breaking Benjamin – The Diary of Jane

I’ve highlighted the WTF moment on this page:


YouTube needs to fix their recommendation listing.

Not to mention Rihanna up top.  WTF!? Really

Ear Worm Wednesday–05/09/2012

Missed last week.  I intended to make a whole post but I’m waiting for some pictures back from Boomershoot first.  So in the mean time, I give you this:

Disturbed – Asylum

*One of the comments for the video:

this is how i feel like on school o.o

I can sympathize.  Swallow our bullshit or we’ll feed you to the dogs.  It became an art to regurgitate their bullshit while also bucking the system in public school.  Now with how out of hand zero tolerance has become, they’ll hang you for just barely bucking.

Earworm Wednesday – 4/25/2012

Boomershoot is coming up fast.  So this was in my head all day.

Saliva – Click Click Boom

There’s going to be a lot of that this weekend.

Ear Worm Wednesday – 04/18/2012

You didn’t really think I would forget did you?  Well I didn’t!  Shame on you for not having faith in your humble scribe.

Came on one of my Pandora stations.  Yes it got a thumbs up, it wouldn’t be here otherwise now would it!?

Static X – The Only