Ear Worm Wednesday – 04/11/2012

Today is another from the dubstep realm.  This came across Pandora while getting copper fouling out of a barrel.

Dubstep does great to help keep a beat to get stuff done.  I’m not the only one who thinks so either.  For example this worked great since I was running patches through a barrel. Barnes CR-10 followed by Butches Bore Shine also really helped.

Justice – Genesis

Earworm Wednesday (4/4/2012)

This one I’m not entirely sure why it got stuck in my ear, but I have a feeling it was because of the chorus.

“They wanna see blood, they wanna see hate…” – Deuce – America

If I can finally bring myself to compose a post on it I will.  I missed the height of the incident as I was sick and couldn’t really focus well on writing a coherent post.  I have a large pile of posts from different bloggers on the subject.  I need to spend some time stitching everything together.  Time however is not my friend.  Boomershoot is coming up fast, and I’m going to be gone for a week (including both weekends) for the worlds jet boat races.

Earworm Wednesday–(3/28/2012)

I stumbled across this and couldn’t stop laughing.

LMFAO – Sorry for Party Rocking

I must admit if someone came to my house and complained about the noise in the same manner I’m probably going to have a similar response… and if the alcohol hadn’t come out, I might turn off the music, apologize, head out the back gate and get a bunch of guys together and run a impromptu USPSA match*.  Gunfire is quieter than music right?

*The moral of the story here is just be polite and I’ll apologize and work with you.  Be a dick and I’m not going to care.

Earworm Wednesday 03/21/2012

Here’s one of the dubstep variety for Weer’d

Skrillex – Bangarang

Am I the only one that found humor in what the kids do and the guy having a hook at the end?  If you don’t get it see the title of the song.  If you still don’t get it, go watch this.

Ear Worm Wednesday 03/14/2012

Ear Worm Wednesday – 3/7/2012


This is not a normal ear worm Wednesday.  It’s not really an “Earworm” but it did start flowing through my head this morning when I heard about the loss of a blogger I read off and on from time to time.

I wish you Fair Winds and Following Seas Captain, and may your skies always be clear and your visibility unlimited.


Earworm Wednesday–02/29/2012

Here’s one from the dubstep realm.  Damn you Weer’d and Pandora!

The song is by Glitch Mob, Title: We Can Make The World Stop.

I am actually looking into slowly amassing a set of 4 GoPro cameras.  For shooting, boating, off roading, snowmobiling, and diving.  I want a couple that will remain pretty much permanent in the cars except rare occasions and others for use in shooting.  120 FPS would be nice for some fireballs too.

I’ve got other stuff on the list first, hopefully one is picked up here soon.

Ear Worm Wednesday – 2/22/2012

Here’s a treat for ya.