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SSCC #240/241–Denver PD

They’re back already.  Between them and Seattle PD I could create a daily feed for just the two of them.  For the departments, being listed here is not a good thing.  If you’re here repeatedly you might want to reevaluate your behavior.  This however leaves no doubt the officers behavior is endorsed.

Two fired Denver Police officers accused of excessive force and lying on reports will get their jobs back after a decision by the Civil Service Commission.

The city fired Devine and Nixon, who were accused of lying on their reports about the incident by making it appear they were defending themselves.

How many things do you have to do blatantly wrong, and illegal I might add, before you are fired for being a bad cop?  Continuing in the article the board was sympathetic to the officers because it felt the chaos of the evening provided an valid excuse.

Pardon me, but I don’t give a crap.  This isn’t the first time someone from Denver PD got caught lying.  Most disturbing is they get back pay as well.  They get paid for sitting on their ass that whole time.  Your tax dollars at work.

There’s a reason I’m siding against the officers here.  The city found enough evidence and grounds to fire the officers.    Couple that with the fact that this isn’t Denver’s first rodeo in the count.

Besides here’s the video:

State Sponsored Criminal Count 240: Ricky Nixon

241: Kevin Devine

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SSCC #127 – Denver PD

The anti-rights cultists keep telling us that law abiding citizens should be allowed to carry firearms because they will assault people over simple disagreements.

A Denver police officer pleaded no contest this morning in Erie Municipal Court to disorderly conduct in connection with a June incident at the Colorado National Golf Club in which the off-duty officer was accused of punching a man in the face. 

According to Erie police, Carlile and a friend were watching a Colorado Rockies game on TV in the clubhouse bar when two other men, both Erie residents, picked up the remote and changed the channel to a college championship baseball game. 

[Sarcasm]And that children is why only police officers should be allowed to carry firearms into bars and civilians should be disarmed.[/Sarcasm]   

The good news is though he has a 1-year deferred judgment, a $750 fine, and was suspended.  Wait, what!?  For assaulting a man over a TV channel he wasn’t fired, he wasn’t put in jail, but was just given a simple fine.

In this instance I’m glad this walking jock strap of a dolt left his piece at home.  This is however, a perfect example of how police are not some how rendered magically impervious to the being human.

I support bar carry because I don’t drink in bars, and I know I’m not alone.  I go with friends, usually I am the DD, and in my circle the DS as well.  I drink but only really at home or in private.  Further many restaurants that serve alcohol end up off limits due to the asinine law.  I don’t like drinking in public because it renders me to Condition White.  It is illegal to carry and drink, I fail to see why there’s an extra line since all it does is cause issues for the law abiding, especially those who are being responsible and taking care of their friends.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 127 – Kevin Carlile

Because if you’re watching TV and someone changes the channel, the proper response is to physically beat them.  Establish your dominance as the alpha male!

SSCC #197-#199 – Denver PD

The beating by Denver police that left a 16-year-old with a damaged liver and kidney was unusual not for the violence dished out by officers but because the injuries were severe and two of the officers reported the actions of the third, former safety manager Al LaCabe testified Thursday.

As if that wasn’t bad enough though.

Few officers actually engage in the violence, but as long as the injuries aren’t too severe, officers rarely report those who do, LaCabe said.

Just because someone else is doing it doesn’t make you not responsible. Your job as officers isn’t just to cover your buddies ass but to protect the public. That includes those in your custody being investigated for a crime. Initially none of the officers even admitted to the violence. The officer responsible for the injuries was found not guilty by a jury. The three officers were fired though in 2010, no statement as to why, and 2 years after the initial incident.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 197: Chuck Porter

198: Officer Rivera

199: Officer Moerman

Because beating someone in custody is normal, necessary, and most importantly should not be reported.

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SSCC #230/#231–Denver

A Civil Service Commission panel has overturned the firing of two Denver police officers accused of lying about their pursuit of a stolen car.

Well they were just accused right?

The panel agreed with Malatesta that the two disobeyed orders and violated official police pursuit policy, but concluded that neither were firing offenses, the Post reported.

“This panel finds the false or misleading statements (the two officers) made during the course of the investigation did not rise to the high level of proof (required),” to find they committed a deceptive act, according to the panel’s decision.

Oh so if I lie to a public official it’s a crime unless I’m a cop and work for the public, then it’s not note worthy.  Lying is a sign of a lack of character.  Someone that lacking in character shouldn’t be in a position where they can harm the public.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 230: David Torrez

#231: Jose Palomares

Because it’s only a crime or a problem if you’re not a cop.  If you are a cop, well you’re just doing your job right?

SSCC/ICHH–Two For One Combo, Denver

More than 500 people were wrongly imprisoned in Denver’s jails over seven years, with some spending weeks incarcerated or pleading guilty to crimes they did not commit before authorities realized they nabbed the wrong person, a federal court filing shows.

Many would like to think that the system wouldn’t punish or hold the innocent but the fact of the matter is, it isn’t perfect.  Personally I feel on erring on the side of the innocent.  To punish the innocent is absolutely unforgivable.  Letting some bad people slip through the cracks is the price we pay for protecting the innocent.

When you see horrible mistakes such as the following there is no excuse for law enforcement other than laziness.

  • Warrant is for a female, defendant is male
  • Wrong finger prints
  • Wrong person entered the plea
  • Wrong person paid the fine under duress

You have to think, what the hell are these bums doing for a living?

Yes it can happen to you!

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SSCC #339–Denver

He wore a badge and a gun. And when the Denver police officer demanded sex in the front seat of his squad car two years ago, according to Valerie Arend, she felt she had to comply with his demands.

Yeah, go read the story.  Sounds like a class A character right there.  She had every reason to be afraid, our sworn officers of the law get preferential treatment.  Don’t believe me, resist an unlawful arrest as you’re legally allowed to do and tell me how that ends up.

She could have used force to resist but his buddies who arrive on scene are going to pummel her face and no one will believe her.

Great how the system works isn’t it?

State Sponsored Criminal #339: Hector Paez

Because citizens should have the deck stacked against them so an officer always has the benefit of the doubt, no matter what he does.

SSCC #228 – Denver

I’m going to keep an eye on this one for extra updates.  It is a SSCC for these blocks emphasis on the

Saunders was traveling 143 mph
in a 55-mph zone on June 17, 2010, according to the order terminating him,
issued by Manager of Safety Alex Martinez on Dec. 7.

So that’s a serious screw up, enough that had it been any
civilian there would have been serious jail time involved.  DUI and such excessive speeds that it is clearly reckless and beyond just willful negligence.

was driving a friend’s car when he flew past the trooper. He pleaded guilty to
driving while impaired and to reckless driving. An Arapahoe County Court judge sentenced him to five days in jail,
fined him $300 and ordered him to perform 100 hours of community service,
according to court records.

That’s it!?  I passed a car making a poor judgment call because
of weather (snow and slush on a poorly maintained road) and was charged with 2
felonies.  In a plea deal I plead no-lo
on reckless driving and got 160 hours of community service.  My license was suspended for a month and I
still suffer the effects of the 2 felony charges 6 years later.  I made an honest mistake from inexperience,
he got drunk and hopped behind the wheel of a car and did 143 MPH because he
knew he was a cop and felt he was untouchable.  His department fired him as was their right.  Officers of the law should be held to at least the same, but higher standard of conduct.  If you don’t want to be held to a higher standard, don’t become an officer.

Then we see this officer has a history of complaints against him.

An Arapahoe County jury cleared Saunders of felony menacing and weapons charges after an employee of a McDonald’s accused him of pulling a gun when he grew impatient waiting for his food.

It was dismissed, though I have a feeling it wasn’t because the officer actually didn’t do it.  The judge enabled this one more
than the department did but the police union feels that the department should be sponsoring their criminal hires as well.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 227: Derrick Curtis Saunders

Because if you’re anointed, drunk driving is just part of the job, it’s just against the law for all those other peons.  

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SSCC Honorable Mention–Chalfont

A Chalfont police officer was not shot by a group of assailants as he claimed, but instead staged the shooting himself, according to authorities.

Jon Cousin, 30, of New Britain Township was lying when he said he was shot in the chest while investigating a suspicious vehicle at a swim club about 3:16 a.m. Monday morning, they said.

This is certainly better than many of the other attempts by officers to “be a hero”.  Thankfully he has been arrested and charged though he is currently only on administrative leave.

SSCC HM: Jon Cousin

Because sometimes you want to go out looking like a hero. 

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