Earworm Wednesday–08/22/2012

Take your pick for your desired visual absorption.

Naval Aviator Version:

Base Jumper Version:

Music Video from the band  Why watch this one, the other two are just awesome?:

AWOLNation – Sail

Earworm Wednesday – 8/15/2012

Limp Bizkit – Shotgun

Earworm Wednesday–8/8/2012

Red – Death of Me

Earworm Wednesday–8/1/2012

If you didn’t know, here’s the original. 

Seasons After – Cry Little Sister

Earworm Wednesday–7/18/2012


Theory of a Dead Man – Hurricane

Ear Worm Wednesday–7/11/2012

Hellyeah – Hell of a Time

Ear Worm Wednesday

Here’s another one from Apocalyptica, Beautiful, but even my mom should like this:

And yes I do find that title fitting… Told you my music choices were quite varied.

This one hasn’t been grinding my ear, but it has been grinding on Mr. Entertainingly Close.


Ear Worm Wednesday–5/30/2012

Yeah, I’m glad I moved out into BFE for the small town story.  In Google News I have a feed for my home town.  This today just made me shake my head not to mention this from last week.  Overall, I really don’t miss my home town, it’s nothing like when I grew up there.

Eric Chuch – Homeboy