Los Angeles County prosecutors say a former police officer has been sentenced to 19 years in prison after pleading no contest to sexually assaulting five women while on duty in 2006 and 2007.

A district attorney’s statement says Ryan Allen West entered the plea Tuesday to five felonies including two counts of rape and three counts of penetration with a foreign object.

Remember though, these men should be allowed to be armed while you are forcibly disarmed and the act of defending yourself against them automatically a felony.

State Sponsored Criminal: Ryan Allen West

Because when you’re a cop, you get the authority of the state behind you and a gun on your hip while your victims are just allowed to cower in fear.

SSCC Box Elder County

A former Box Elder County sheriff’s deputy has pleaded guilty to federal charges related to illegally strip-searching women at traffic stops.

Scott R. Womack, 37, admitted in U.S. District Court last week to two misdemeanor counts of deprivation of rights under color of law. In exchange for his plea, prosecutors agreed to drop six other counts.

I’d be interested to know what the sentencing guidelines are for this.  But I can tell you even at the maximum sentence it is merely a slap on the wrist relative to what he’s done.

Why does he make the full count though beyond the lenient sentence?  Well his department covered for him.

According to one suit, several women complained to the Box Elder County Sheriff’s Office with similar stories about Womack. One woman says she called the office about the incident and was told: "I don’t think officer Womack is that type of person."

State Sponsored Criminal: Scott R. Womack

Because when you’re a cop, they can’t say no to what you tell them to do on the side of the road.  Their only option is to pray they get caught, even then they’ll only slap my wrist.

SSCC: Minneapolis

Despite nearly $14 million in payouts for alleged police misconduct over the past seven years, the Minneapolis Police Department rarely concluded that the officers involved did anything wrong, according to a Star Tribune analysis.

Boy, can you get more sponsored than that?  The state is going to pay the bill for you boy’s breaking the law, but we’re not going to correct you when you do it.

State Sponsored Criminal: The Entire Minneapolis PD

Because why punish someone for breaking the law when someone else, ostensibly the victim, is picking up the bill.

SSCC Sacramento

This one, like many of those in the Dead Goblin Count, is lacking in details.

What prompted the police response remains unknown.

What is known is that one officer restrained the victim while another proceeded to assault him. 

State Sponsored Criminal: The Sacramento Police Department

Because when the only tool you have in your toolbox is force, people are going to die.

SSCC Boerne

A South Texas police officer has been put on administrative leave after being charged with shooting a neighbor’s cat with an arrow.
Police in Boerne said Officer Lance Deleon was not on duty when Bobby the cat was wounded.

Remember though, he is trustworthy and responsible enough to be trusted with a firearm while the rest of us should be left defenseless.

State Sponsored Criminal: Lance Deleon

Because animal cruelty is by no means anything to worry about with a man who is authorized to use lethal force against people.

h/t Bob S.

SSCC Wellford

The State Law Enforcement Division said between July 1, 2012 and Jan. 1, 2013, 32-year-old Bennie Hand sexually battered and physically abused the victim, who suffers from a mental condition impairing her from providing her own care or protecting herself.

There is a special level of hell reserved for that individual.

State Sponsored Criminal: Bennie Hand

Because… [email protected]#$ I’m not going to even try on this one, that crap makes me sick.

SSCC Honorable Mention: Monroe

Emmanuel Riopelle, 44, of Grosse Ile pleaded no contest to one count of misconduct in office, a five-year felony, before Monroe County’s 38th Circuit Court Chief Judge Michael W. LaBeau on Friday. Luke Davis, the former supervisor of the Office of Monroe Narcotics Investigation (OMNI) did not reach an agreement and his trial was expected to begin today before Judge LaBeau.

His plea has ended his career and resulted in the loss of his pension as well.  Another other officer has been charged.  It appears that the police department at least put the officers on unpaid suspension at the start of the mess.

State Sponsored Criminal HM: Emmanuel Ripoelle & Luke Davis

Because drug laws are only for the little people.

SSCC Schaumburg

A Schaumburg police officer has been suspended with pay for allegedly keeping a gun that had been turned in to the department, and the same officer also faces scrutiny for a case involving heroin that allegedly went missing from a crime scene, police said.

Now evidently the officer offered to buy the firearm but the people refused saying they wanted it “properly disposed of.” Which in my world means sold to an FFL to help close up the deficit.  Evidently he felt that the law didn’t apply to him.  Which given this is Illinois it isn’t a shocker.

State Sponsored Criminal: Officer John Doe

Because the laws only apply to the little people, when you’re a cop you get piles of exemptions.