SSCC #375: Update

William H. Smith, 43, was arrested for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated (OWI) – a 93-day misdemeanor – after he crashed his vehicle on July 7, 2012, in Chippewa County.

According to test results, Smith’s blood alcohol content was .13 at the time of his arrest compared to the .08 drunk driving standard.

William’s trial began Tuesday and concluded Thursday. The six-person jury deliberated on the misdemeanor charge for two hours before reaching Thursday’s verdict of not guilty.

It appears though that most likely he got away not because he wasn’t guilty, but because of the safeguards in the law for the innocent.  For you see his brothers in harms mishandled material and the process of getting the warrant so he could escape the first trial and it interjected reasonable doubt of the second.

Again, see the fact they had to get prosecutors from out of the county.  So don’t worry he’ll be back on the roads in no time in a tax payer funded vehicle.

State Sponsored Criminal: William H. Smith

Because when you drink and drive while you’re a cop in your own jurisdiction, you can rely on the fact that everyone you work with will protect you.

h/t Lance Anderson

SSCC Cincinnati

Here’s another bad one.  Be warned this is in the form of a Ohio Supreme court decision.  The good thing is the conviction was upheld but he wasn’t convicted of nearly enough.

State Sponsored Criminal: Julian Steele

Because the way to get laid when you’re a cop is to threaten a kid if he doesn’t confess you’ll send their mom to jail, then after coerce the mom for sex to get her innocent kid out.

SSCC Live Oak County

I will not comment on this horror story.  If you want to, go read it.  The following names are monsters and the state created the power for them to do what they did.

State Sponsored Criminal: Vincent Aguilar

State Sponsored Criminal: Israel Charels Jr.

State Sponsored Criminal: Jaime E. Smith

SSCC West Palm Beach

A West Palm Beach Police officer was arrested early this morning on a domestic battery charge.

Patrol officer Francisco A. Maldonado, 28, was arrested by Greenacres police and booked into the Palm Beach County Jail at 8:20 a.m.

He was released was released this afternoon from the Palm Beach County Jail on his own recognizance, an employee in the jail’s inmate records division said.

Best part is, he walked out of jail and right straight into work!

City spokesman Elliot Cohen said Maldonado has since been placed on desk duty.

And remember, he gets to continue having a firearm because he’s special while anyone else charged with the same crime would have his rights suspended without conviction.

State Sponsored Criminal: Francisco A. Maldonado

Because cops get a free pass where everyone else is held accountable for their actions.

SSCC North Bend OR

A former North Bend police officer avoided a prison sentence Tuesday when he pleaded guilty in federal court in Eugene to tipping off an illegal steroid distributor about an ongoing investigation.

William Blair Downing, 43, was placed on probation for five years and ordered to perform 400 hours of community service as part of a plea agreement with prosecutors. He also must undergo a mental health evaluation and will have all of his medications monitored while on probation.

If it’s so minor that he tipped off the criminal about the ongoing investigation, one should wonder should the activities in question be illegal?  Maybe it’s just to create a protective racket where those who work for the state are the only one’s allowed to benefit.  Not to mention the fact the officer in question was using steroids himself.

State Sponsored Criminal: William Blair Downing

Because illegal drugs are only a problem because we make them one.

SSCC Slaton

Slaton police came to this woman’s house, who wishes to remain anonymous, to arrest her son. But by asking one simple question, she found herself behind bars instead.

“I told him, ‘I will release my son to you upon viewing those orders.’ Those were exactly my words,” The complainant said. “He said, ‘This is how you want to play?’ He took two steps back, turned around to the officer and said, ‘Take her.’ They turned me around, handcuffed me, and took me in.”

Well she had good reason to ask…

The complainant said she was aware police would be coming to apprehend her 11-year-old son based on a criminal complaint, and that she just wanted to see the warrant. As it turns out, that warrant didn’t exist. She spent the night in jail while her son was left at home.

So basically they made her spend a night in jail for exercising her legal rights and protecting her child’s rights as well.  The biggest clue those officers f’d up?

McDonald said the Slaton Police Department will issue an apology as long as the mother agrees not to file a lawsuit. He said unless she is compensated for her expenses and the trauma she’s been through, a lawsuit won’t be out of the question.

I hope she doesn’t.  That is a textbook case of wrongful arrest and deprivation of rights under color of law if I ever saw one.

State Sponsored Criminal: Officer John Doe of the Slaton Police department

Because heaven forbid someone actually verify your legal authority to do something.  They need to follow orders blindly and just throw away their rights!

SSCC North Ridgeville

Accorti responded to a home Monday afternoon where a feral mother cat and her five kittens were living in a woodpile.

He allegedly told the homeowner that shelters were full and that the cats would be going to kitty heaven. He then pulled out his gun and shot the five, 8- to 10-week-old kittens.

Accorti allegedly told the homeowner that he isn’t supposed to do this, but it was justifiable. The woman ran into the house to shield her children, who were screaming and crying.

The police chief has justified the actions of the officer.  Why does this end up in the count?  Because if you or I had done the same thing and someone saw us, we would be arrested at minimum for reckless discharge of a firearm within city limits.  There was no immediate threat to life or even property and there were other methods to deal with the problem.

Further, you’re telling me that no one out in the middle of nowhere Ohio needs barn cats?  No this man exercised poor judgment and was looking for an excuse to exercise some trigger time on a living animal.  If it had been a dog the argument would be it was coming right for him.

I guess cops have decided that killing every dog they find is no longer enough, they’ve decided to move onto killing cats too.

State Sponsored Criminal: Barry Accorti

Because reckless discharge of a firearm is only reckless if you’re not a cop and you make up a good reason, like “killing kittens that were coming right at you!”.  In that case you can do whatever you want and get away with it.

SSCC: Allegheny County

An Allegheny County Police officer is under arrest, and facing 20 criminal charges in three separate road rage incidents.

Court documents say Detective Andrew Marculaitis, a more than 20-year county police veteran, was involved in road rage incidents on May 23, May 26, and May 31.

Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, and three or more times is enemy action.  It appears they are concerned about his mental state and if that is the case I hope he gets the help he needs.  That said, if it had been you or I would they be so concerned about our mental state or just tossing us in jail?

State Sponsored Criminal: Andrew Marculaitis

Because when you’re a cop and you go unstable, you get a pass that no one else gets.