SSCC #154 – Portland PD

We have another one.

A former Portland police officer who resigned in the face of being fired in August 2006 after he made his own “Girls Gone Wild” video, filming Madison High female students at a school dance, has pleaded guilty to seven felony sex offenses in Washington state.

Like the previous three examples, we have yet another predator among the sheep.  It is wonderful that these individuals got caught, but what is even more disturbing is the state paid all these predators to be there.

Portland police had discovered his misconduct when Graichen’s sergeant asked to see what he thought was Graichen’s copy of a professional “Girls Gone Wild” video, which typically shows women removing clothing or acting in a sexual nature. Graichen acidentally handed over his knockoff version, filmed at the school where Graichen was assigned, which included zoom-in shots of girls’ “breasts and crotch areas.”

Such a wonderful person to have placed around children in a position of authority.  A position who’s authority is often unquestioned and considered to be the most trustworthy individual in the school.  In reality he is a predator using his power to find and manipulate his prey.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 154: Ryan Graichen

Because when a teenager thinks you’re infallible, they’ll do anything for you.  Especially when you give them drugs and alcohol in return.

h/t Timothy Callahan 

SSCC #147 – Kansas City PD

Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three or more times is enemy action.  Well folks, here’s number three all within a week!

A former Kansas police officer and school board member has pleaded no contest in federal court to attempting to entice a minor for illicit sex.

But he was just a school board member I hear you cry, but wait there’s more.

Duncan was the Lansing, Kan., department’s “Officer of the Year” in 2008 and had served as a DARE officer and coordinator of the Safe Kids program. 

Yet again a predator sat in plain view of the public, put there in a professional capacity to protect them, to find his prey amongst his intended victims.  While he may be getting a severe punishment, the fact of the matter remains that the government has created these types of opportunities for predators.  

State Sponsored Criminal Count #147 – William Brian Duncan

Because predators are wolves and their goal is to not be seen by either their prey, or predators who would protect the prey.  The best option is to appear to be the predator protecting the prey who’s really eating the prey.

SSCC #146 – Richland County

This one goes in the count for much the same reasons as #143.

Richland County deputies have arrested a uniformed Columbia police officer and charged him with prostitution.

How nice, he made sure to made sure to do this while he was being paid by the taxpayer.  But wait there’s more!

Officers say they found a 17-year-old female in the room and charged her with prostitution. Deputies say Cornish was located a few blocks away.

Not sure what the age of consent is in the state of South Carolina, but frankly when it comes to something like this I don’t really care.  Many who find themselves in that type of environment are victims in their own right.  This is like a tv telecast though because we’re not done.

CPD officers say Cornish is a school resource officer at W.A. Perry Middle School and has been with the Columbia Police Department since May 2009.

How nice.  He had a thing for the young one’s and his job provided him ready access as a predator.  The fact that he has been busted and already fired from his job says it’s not fully what this count was designed for.  Yet at the same time his job allowed him predatory access to his prey.  For that it still qualifies.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 146 – Mark Cornish

Because if you’re a high school resource officer, the thing to do is to hit on all the young ladies since you’re in a position of power… right?

SSCC #143 – Bedford Co. VA

A former Bedford County sheriff’s deputy charged with taking indecent liberties with a child has been released on bond.  Ernest William Grubbs was released on a $5,000 bond.  Grubbs is due back in court on November 2nd to advise about his attorney.

Considering he was fired from his job immediately and is currently awaiting trial it is hard for me to call him a full criminal since he’s not going to get away with it.  That was until the following.

Grubbs was a School Resource Officer at Liberty High School.

He was responsible for watching out and protecting those kids.  Yet he was a predator.  A predator put there at the command of the state, provided with the perfect cover to be browsing for victims.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 143 – Ernest William Grubbs

Because what better way to hide as a child predator than in plain sight and have the state put you next to your prey.

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