SSCC #450 – Colorado Springs

Former Colorado Springs Police officer Josh Carrier has been found guilty on dozens of counts related to molesting boys at a middle school in the city, where he served as a volunteer wrestling coach.

Honestly this one’s a bad one.  Bad enough that you can just go read the details if you want.  Since he was in a position of authority and could have just as easily accomplished this as a school liaison officer, he’s on the count.

State Sponsored Criminal #450: Josh Carrier

Because when you’re a cop, no one will suspect you.

SSCC #446 – DHS

A 43-year-old Department of Homeland Security worker allegedly used Facebook to solicit more than 70 area children for sexual acts, according to authorities.

We’re not talking high school students either…

Robert B. Rennie Jr., a Loudoun County resident, was charged Oct. 24 with five counts of using a computer to solicit a child under the age of 15, after a school resource officer was tipped off to suspicious activity on a Mercer Middle School student’s Facebook page.

Sounds like a fine upstanding government employee doesn’t it?  I wish I could come up with something better, but this just makes me sick.

State Sponsored Criminal #446: Robert B. Rennie

Because working for the government means you’re some how special.  

SSCC #422-424: New Jersey

Three teachers and two administrators at a New Jersey high school were arrested Thursday on charges stemming from allegations that the teachers had sexual relationships with students and that administrators covered it up.

What is most disheartening about this case is not just the crimes themselves, but the following:

Faulk said neither administrator contacted authorities. Both were charged with official misconduct.

Faulk said DePaul later said she wished she had been more concerned for the students than the teachers.

Also nothing quite says you’re serious about cracking down on bad behavior than just suspending them instead of firing them.

I’m wanting to go full Jay G right now and can’t.

State Sponsored Criminal #422: Dan Michielli
#423: Nick Martinelli
#424: Jeff Logandro

Honorable mentions for the enabling administrators:

Principal Catherine DePaul and Assistant Principal Jernee Kollock

Because the job of school administrators is to make sure that instructors can use their position to their greatest advantage.

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SSCC #408: Miami-Dade

A Miami-Dade police officer routinely stopped women drivers for no reason so he could have “sexually suggestive conversations” — including asking to see the scars on a Miami Beach bartender’s surgically enhanced breasts — and then let the women go without issuing any citations, federal authorities say.

We’re not talking just conversations though:

Dwivedi asked the driver to exit her car and sit in the back seat of his marked cruiser, then “instructed A.R. to lower the zipper on the front of her dress down past her breasts to her mid-stomach,” the complaint says. “A.R. stated that, by following Dwivedi’s instructions, she somewhat exposed her breasts.”

She was detained for one hour and twenty minutes before the officer left without issuing a citation. According to Miami-Dade police, Dwivedi did not list the traffic stop on his daily activity report, nor did he advise a dispatcher of the stop. He also did not conduct a driver’s license check of A.R. or her two passengers.

Thankfully this officer hadn’t become more aggressive in his predatory habits, yet.

State Sponsored Criminal #408: Prabhainjana Dwivedi

Because being a cop means you can deprive women of their rights and intimidate them into compliance for your own gratification.


SSCC #398–Rockwood

"It is alleged that Zieminski engaged in inappropriate sexual contact using force or coercion with a female prisoner who was in his custody at the time," Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office spokeswoman Maria Miller said in a release issued Tuesday.

Couldn’t get any worse than that right?

This is the second time that sexual improprieties while employed as a police officer have led to Zieminski’s firing.

(Emphasis mine.)  Yeah, I think the state is culpable for round two.  It is worth noting the following as well about the prior incident.

Zieminski was fired by the Rockwood Police Department on July 6, though Rockwood Police Chief Stephen Rowe declined to state the reason, according to the News-Herald, and once before in 2006 when he was 28 and worked in Brownstown Township as a police liaison at Woodhaven High School, during which time a 17-year-old female student reported having inappropriate contact with Ziemenski.

Are we surprised a sexual predator would want to be in law enforcement where his position would give him “unquestioned authority”.

State Sponsored Criminal #398: Christian Zieminski

Because evidently the city of Rockwood feels that it is a smart idea to place a sexual predator around people while giving him a badge and a gun to coerce his victims.

SSCC #397–Boulder County

Under the deal with prosecutors, Rick Jon Ferguson will be sentenced to probation on the exploitation count and will only risk prison time if he later violates the terms of that probation or if a judge decides that prison is appropriate for a felony obscenity count, according to the deal. Ferguson is scheduled to return to Boulder District Court on Oct. 30 for sentencing.

What did he do to get such a cushy punishment?

He pleaded guilty to felony sexual exploitation of a child, felony obscenity, and official misconduct, a petty offense. Seven other counts were dismissed.

Ferguson was accused of using his Boulder County Sheriff’s Office-issued computer to carry on sexually explicit online chats with girls as young as 11.

At least this monster was caught before he actually got his hands on a child.  Still think he’s getting off light.

State Sponsored Criminal #397: Rick Jon Ferguson

Because when you’re bored on duty, by all means start cruising the IRC for underage girls.

SSCC #396 – Mentor

Former police officer Matthew Mole — who served on the Waite Hill, Willoughby Hills, Beachwood and Mentor-on-the-Lake Police Departments — was sentenced to two years in prison Monday morning on a charge of sexual battery.

So what was so minor he only got 2 years?

Mole, who lives in Mentor, is accused of having an unlawful sexual relationship with a 14-year-old boy from Richmond Heights.

Yup, good thing they gave him such a minimal sentence, the longer he stays in prison, the more likely the population will take care of him.

State Sponsored Criminal #398: Matthew Mole

Because if a guy tells you he’s 26, and looks 18, he’s 12.  Was the fact he was sneaking into this kid’s parents house in the middle of the night not a big flashing neon sign of a clue?

SSCC Update–Columbus

This incident is going from bad to worse.

“There is an ongoing investigation to (determine) the identity of other potential victims,” Squires wrote in a motion. “There is evidence indicating there is at least one additional potential victim.”

The additional details confirm my thoughts as well.

Last week, a federal grand jury indicted Smith on two charges of attempted production of sexual photos or videos of minors and one charge of coercing a minor to have sex with him.

There is evil in this world, and some times the evil tries to appear as the good.

State Sponsored Criminal: Todd L. Smith

Because there is no doubt when others say the following:

“Smith abused his position of trust, which was to guard safety and security of children at school,” Squires wrote. He said Smith encouraged one of his female victims to “film sex acts with another adult.”

That position of trust was created and managed by the state.