Taking blood dancing to a new low

Breda has informed us that fearless leader took dancing in blood to entirely new lows.

I’m at a loss for words.  It’s disgraceful and beyond measure.

Quote of the Day–The Inconvenience: 01092011

Says Obama, “What we do know is that such a senseless and terrible act of violence has no place in a free society.”

-Well bub, if we lived in a free society you wouldn’t have to worry about this.

[Everyone is dancing in the blood of that most traumatic event, even fearless leader.  The fact of the matter is, calling ourselves a free society because relative to the rest of the world we still are doesn’t make it so.  In a free society, the TSA, ATF, and DHS wouldn’t exist.  I would be free to purchase what ever I want as a law abiding citizen, and discharging a firearm with a suppressor wouldn’t result in Jail time.  Those little problems are just the tip of the ice berg.  -B]

Obama seeks to force votes on spending cuts

Isn’t it ironic? Obama wants to force spending cuts on lawmakers, yet he partakes in deficit spending to “help the economy“.

Obama’s National Dept Impact
Upon Inauguration:    $10,626,877,048,913
As of May 21, 2010:    $12,987,796,841,337
Increased by:        $2,360,919,792,424