Qotd: 05222010

“Guns are tools, not a fashion show. Does this rifle make me look fat?” –Overheard at Sure Shot

[I did my best to not fall over laughing. –B]

Lazy Saturday

So the goal was to help some people this morning, then hit up VJs and meet up with Laurel to help her with an issue that she apparently has resolved.

When I showed up to help this morning it appears that there were enough people to show up early that it was already done when I showed up on time. So I decided that with so much time to kill it was time to have an impromptu appreciation day for Starbucks.

No I didn’t take this picture at Starbucks.

I was extremely glad I decided to say thank you by paying into the coffers of a local business that didn’t discriminate against gun owners. The reason I was glad was I stopped off to talk to Charles at Sure Shot in Moscow to tell him how TMW’s new holster is working. Upon arrival I hear the following:

Customer: “What the hell is up with the Moscow Co-Op? Have you seen their sign?”

Charles: “Yeah, I’m not sure why they put that up there.”

Me: “Okay, what the hell did I just miss?”

So to provide a little bit of background, for the past three years the following has been visible on the sign at Sure Shot traveling from Pullman to Moscow.

Sorry for the tree, it was raining and I didn’t want to run across the street for a better picture. Lazy I know but you can still read it!

So it ends up that the Moscow Co-Op at some point recently decided that was not proper and posted this as a reply.


The Co-Op sells natural foods etc, WTF does their business have to with firearms? Why are they knocking another small business in Moscow they are not even in direct competition with? TMW and I both upon seeing the sign said, “So much for the Co-Op.” Upon arriving at VJ’s I asked Corina and Dan about it, they were both pissed along with Laurel and Mike, were going to be writing a letter, and we then got into a long discussion where we were going to find items that other places just don’t carry. For those out of the area, we can actually get locally raised meat including buffalo and elk. This really angered us because while one might view the Co-Op as mainly the domain of those that have “Make Love Not War” stickers, none of us have ever been hassled for carrying in the store and have always been treated with a high level of courtesy. This though seems like a low ball shot that was unnecessary and just plain rude. Especially since a lot of us used the Co-Op on a regular basis.

I did learn from Charles he got about 10-15 calls today and numerous locals coming in to ask about the Co-Op sign. He does have a response which will be going on the outbound side coming from Moscow to Pullman. Numerous locals came in asking about it, so on the upside it has generated more traffic for Sure Shot. No such thing as bad publicity right? I would also like to point out I made sure to idle my Ford Earthfucker in the parking lot while TMW took a picture of the sign. I needed to offset the SMUG emissions.

After that though the subject turned much lighter, spent a lot of time chatting and took some other pictures as well as helping with some other miscellaneous problems. The pictures will be posted tomorrow after we all get together for dinner and give Abigail her gift. I don’t normally do artsy photos but Corina gave an idea while I was playing with my new camera. Below is the result, the only processing I did was cropping it.

Now to clean the house since people are coming over tomorrow.