Whiskey Tango Foxtrot – Burnables Edition

A coworker ran across this today.


My personal favorites are paper and cardboard.  For if you burn those they will release toxic smoke, by which they mean CO2.

FYI, it’s not that you shouldn’t do this in the state of Washington, they claim it’s illegal.


Quote of the Day–Michael Bane

Boomershoot is… the sound of freedom.” –Michael Bane Shooting Gallery

[Joe calls his event the magic kingdom for rifle shooters.  Michael at the end of the Boomershoot episode of the shooting gallery rephrased it to the above.  They’re both right.  The event is like no other in the world.  Every year some new idea comes up that keeps it oh so magical.  I heard Ry’s new idea but you’ll all find out about that later.  As for being the sound of freedom, where else can you do something like this?  Many wouldn’t mind if it was illegal, some have even referred to participants as being sick for it.  As far as I’m concerned they’re puritans. The worst thing I know of that’s happened was squeaky’s nose, though my sun burn last year was monumentally stupid and hurt like hell. –B]

More on Confetti, Charcoal, Creamer, Steel, and Boomerite

I just finished wrapping up the video from the testing.

I got an email from Ry last night and it appears from that last experiment of the day something quite interesting happened.

If you notice in this picture the steel is quite flat and straight still.


After the launch, the corners are pushed further out and away from the main plate.  The center where the hole is has been pushed more towards the middle. 


Here’s Ry’s take on what’s happening.

One thing I noticed in the last picture I took: the armor plate didn’t get any closer at the corners; it may have pulled further back. We saw this on the other one (the prime article); the center is almost touching, and the edges are curled up. I think the steel becomes like a thermoset plastic, flowing in the first moments of the explosion and freezing microseconds later.

That’s impressive!

Quote of the Day–Ry Jones

I feel 20% more gay from just looking at it. – Ry Jones

[Ry said this after seeing the bag of Confetti for testing. We chose to try the confetti on a suggestion from BredaThis was her reasoning, this was my response.  I think with Ry’s comment both glitter and confetti are equally bad. It ended up the Mylar confetti was just as bad at getting everywhere, and it did NOTHING to improve the visual effects.]


Confetti, Non-Dairy Creamer, Charcoal, Steel, and Explosives

Joe, Ry, and I headed out to the Boomershoot site today to do some testing with Chalk Dispenser V3.0.  We had previously tested the chalk dispenser and it did quite well.  The main problems we found weren’t with the design, but with the material being dispensed.  This time we were going to try glitter, Mylar confetti.  At the last second we also added non-dairy creamer and match light charcoal.

In hindsight reviewing the pictures we should have taken a couple from up on the hill because up close it just doesn’t look the same.  From the previous testing though it looked as though we had bruised the hillside. 


As we got into the middle of the colored area, we noticed more evidence of the chalk problem we saw previously.  It had obviously clumped into small balls.


First we tested small charges of 50 grams.  While it did work, they were difficult to load requiring special preparation. 


That is 50 grams of the most fun intoxicant this side of the Rio Grande.  It is so little that it’s hard to place it in such a way to fill the hole to complete a visible target, but it still packs a punch.

Joe forgot the glitter, however we did have the confetti to try as well as the newly added charcoal. First up was the non diary creamer.  We had already done the one 50 gram test when this picture was taken.


The results were lacking in significant difference, it looked the same as without the creamer.


Second up was the confetti.



We packed it in there.  The results though were less than pleasing.  Do you see the confetti, we didn’t as it happened.


Next was the charcoal after that dismal failure.  We were actually hoping to get the charcoal dust to ignite, however these results were still fantastic.


It wasn’t good just once though.  It was repeatable!


And I caught the brass in the air on both of those pictures, how awesome is that!  We attempted another test that I didn’t get pictures of since I was shooting.  I some how got the Boomerite to start burning, with the charcoal above it.  I let Ry finish it off since it was his gun and I was frustrated to say the least.  Still no fireball though.  We wanted to get this thing to toss a fireball, how could we get it to toss a fireball.  We then started going through Joe’s truck looking for things that could be used.  We found a spray can of window deicer.  We put that on 100 grams of Boomerite with and we pulled the Boomerite through to make sure we would hit the Boomerite first, not the can.  We also had attached road flares to help with ignition.


Still no luck.  However we later had a discussion about the road flares and wondering what causes them to be extinguished.  The assumption was that the concussion would result in removing the heat and liquid material preventing the flare from continuing the burn.  It’s only the gases that burn, the burning melts the solid, which will then turn to gas, and burn.  We though maybe the concussion blew off the liquid and gasses killing the flare.  Both this picture and the following one would beg to differ though.



This brought an abrupt end to our testing.  We had done something very stupid without realizing it.  We placed a piece of metal between us and the explosive.  The pressures from the explosive split the welds along the top.


So what is a guy to do when you still have Boomerite left, and no target to test it in?

The answer is quite simple, put 4 pounds in the non dairy creamer bottle, put the target on top and launch it in the air.




The target can be repaired, but I would say it looks no where near like when we got itJoe already has video of the stuff that really matters.  I’ll work on editing the video tonight and tomorrow and see if I got anything worth while.  For now, enjoy the story board and pictures.

Update:Video is here.

Patriot Act Up for Renewal

The Patriot Act should have never been created to begin with.

It was made while we were all still very emotional, many of us, including myself though have hated it from the start.  It appears that the congress is going to be adding another year onto the Patriot Act.

This would extend it until February of 2012, and passage is likely to happen with little debate or contention.

Remember who the DHS considers terrorists.  Time to write your congress critters.  This renewal needs to be at least debated, preferably fully derailed.

What is wrong with these people?

Merely a week after a crazed gunman shot Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in the head and left several others dead and wounded at a local political event, a Tea Party spokesman in the same area received a public death threat at a town hall meeting– from one of Jared Loughner’s victims.

What made him think that this behavior was ok for him?  Just because you’re shot does not give you a license to go around threatening people who you disagree with.  Being shot also does not instantly make you any more credible as a source of information on any subject, other than what it feels like to get shot.

I’m sorry this individual was shot, however with the following information:

He has been profiled by CBS and has publicly blamed Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and Sharron Angle for inciting the violence that caused the events of last Saturday.

It’s obvious his brain isn’t firing on all cylinders.  Crazy knows no political affiliation, it is the ultimate “bipartisan” issue.  I would suggest next time follow a longer cool down period.  I know I can be extremely hot headed, and I trust my friends to keep me in check.

Quote of the Day–Alan Andrews

A few years ago you could count on a raft of bad anti-gun laws getting passed after a nutjob killed someone. Now the gun banners can’t even get Obama to listen to them. –Alan

[Thankfully this is true.  I was very young when the original assault weapon ban occurred.  I had the benefit of growing up around firearms.  I got my first firearm when I was 8, first time I shot a firearm though I was three and a half, my dad said I grinned from ear to ear.  I remember coming home from school and my dad writing letters to congressman, because every time he turned around there was a new attack.  As I got older I began to see what was going on, especially when I fully learned about Ruby Ridge.  I was fully introduced to that incident when I was the same age as his son.  It was at that moment my whole view of the world changed.  I realized this wasn’t really about guns, it was about power and control.  Junior year of high school I discovered a book on one of the book shelves(we had lots of books).  The cover though caught my attention.

Amazingly it was unread even by my father, he did read it immediately after me in a 3 day binge.  I started reading it immediately.  In the begging while setting up the plot there were a few events that even I couldn’t believe that he was using to set the tone.  Sadly Google broke my heart and educated me to the actual gravity of the situation.  In another instance though I was provided hope.  I read that whole book in about a week, reading it even through my classes.

After reading Unintended Consequences I realized there was even more at stake than just power and control.  There’s a whole culture under attack.  Those outside of it don’t understand, but if you ever go to a major shooting event it becomes obvious, it’s a culture.

Thankfully the events at the end of that book have not come to pass yet.  Many throughout our culture have stepped up to educate and inform those on the outside.  Because of this the response has been considerably more constrained than it would have been even 7 years ago.

While the war certainly hasn’t been won, these events show us how far we’ve come.  Even more importantly it didn’t go down like the beginning of Enemies Foreign and Domestic.

If you haven’t read Unintended Consequences, I highly suggest you do.